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Mark Tilley
We are putting together a modern S1 roadster replica together that is close to identical externally but using modern materials and engineering. This project may well be of interest to some readers as whilst it is not a recreated Challenger we have of course studied the good and bad points of the challenger carefully and (hopefully) learnt from them. There is a post on the "Pistonheads" forum under "Business" "E type Jaguar replica investment opportunity" in case anyone would like to read more detail 26th September 2013
What ever happened to SOB631S as appeared in the adverts. Was it broken up? My Challenger appears to have this registration number painted on the back axle hubs 4th September 2013
SBS I'm obviously a bit thick at these things - I've tried searching again but still without success. Perhaps someone could post a link here? - I can't find anything either - webmaster
11th August 2013
I have searched the internet to no avail regarding new fgr body shells. Indeed the only trace I can find brings me back to this site. Does anyone know of a web address? 17th July 2013
Norman Manley
I am looking for information on how to purchase the XKE automobile or body 25th March 2013
William Cagliostro
I am seeking to buy a jaguar XKE fiberglass or carbon fiber body.Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.Kind regards, 13th March 2013

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