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Mr Ford Rover
Dear All. I need some help. I have broken a adjusting locknut on one of my Spax coilover shockers. Has anybody got one they can send me? I, of course, will send the postage. It is the spring seat one that I have damaged but anything will help The thread diameter is approx. 2 1/8 inches. Spax have changed the diameter of their shockers and cannot supply one. Avo, Gaz etc have different threads. Thanks Ed
22nd December 2006
Derek Dow
Many original owners were of the opinnion that the rear springs on the Jaguar based cars were a little too soft and replaced them with stiffer ones.
I experimented with a set from an XJ6 but found them too stiff and too long.
I then tried one XJ6 spring along with one Challenger spring on each side. This was found to be more satisfactory.
I then went to who were able to supply a set of four equivalent rated springs.
If you were happy with the set up before the spring broke you could approach merlin (for one, there are others) who would be able to supply springs of the same length and rating as your sample.
21st December 2006
kev webmaster were will i get a spring for my challenger or will i have to get one specially made ? - anyone any ideas? My last set came from Challenger just before the end - Webmaster
20th December 2006

my challenger has a broken rear spring. which will fit a e type spring or a xj6 spring? - I suspect neither - from the point of view of size and spring rate (springiness) I believe the Challenger springs are customised. If one has broken, the chances are that some of the others have as well (speaking from experience!) - webmaster

14th December 2006
Ed F Rover In a previous post I described my Ford/Rover complete with flared arches. Our webmaster has kindly put some new pictures of it on the site’s gallery. It is the white one with whitewall tyres.The car is worth about £8000 and with all the chrome looks beautiful. It is a ‘Challenger’ and this is what ‘Challenger’ ownership is all about. The Jaguar cars worth £16,000 + are just as beautiful. So let’s enjoy our cars for what they are.
15th November 2006



12th November 2006
Ed F Rover
Al…..As you have a ‘Wildcat’ and are obviously having a complex about it I will not labour the point especially as we met at Stoneleigh 2 years ago and you were very embarrassed about your car even then. I hope you have cleaned it out by now….. I am indeed bald but exceedingly handsome which probably upsets you for obvious reasons. Enough of this..I actually bought my heap from a kit car dealer and it was very bad for £4500 and I spent about £2500 but now it is finished, it is a fabulous looking car which I am well pleased with so ‘Challenger’ ownership can be done without spending huge amounts of cash and of course, if I look after it, I will always get my money back if I choose to sell it There are a couple of old pictures of it on this site’s gallery but I now have all the chrome. To be serious to join forces at Stoneleigh with the Wildcatters is a great idea. A sea of E-type replicas will be something to behold. Unfortunately Al has an Anglia engine so he had better keep his bonnet down as us huge engined ‘Challenger’ aristocracy will snigger and mock and probably make him park somewhere else more suitable. 10th November 2006
Big Al
Dear Danny,
Is that really you? Gosh it must be 60 years since we last met. I am surprised you lasted this long with your love of junk food. How we laughed at your cabbage sandwiches you took to skool during the war years. Did you ever cure you flatulence problem? Fancy meeting you on the Challenger site. Rivals in love and cars eh? You sure missed out on Rosie Dwye, you must have been the only one.
Yes I have a Wildcat but I feel embarrassed about telling you that on a Challenger web site. Now everybody ( that’s the world and its wife as it’s a popular ) knows about it. I like to try and keep owning an E quiet as it is still a big bird puller at the over sixties nude limbo dancing nights held in the local church community hall and I can only handle so much action afterwards.

Who is this bald sex maniac that was at Silverstone? Ed who? I know an Ed who has a Challenger; did he play in a skiffle group or something? He bought his Challenger it on e-bay and you know the reputation for selling rubbish under a good banner, well I think he was caught as it was a bit of a mess when he came to look at it closely. You know the things they say, Polished Walnut dash –ply wood with mahogany stain, four good tyres –but not with the car- needs TLC not’ tender loving care’ but ‘totally lacking clutch’. What a mug. Still I believe he is slowly taking it apart door at a time with his garage, I prefer a socket personally it causes less damage to the bodywork.

I am led to understand from a colleague that the Wildcats and the Challengers may get together at Stoneleigh in 2007 to have some 20 to 30 E types (replicas-kit cars-whatever) lined up. My, that would be a photo for the Kit s**t magazines. Do you think it will happen? You can look after the cars as a sort of marshal whilst we can do our impression of Terry Thomas or David Niven (with cravats and pencilled in moustache) and chat the birds up. If my memory serves me right you should be able to cover three cars without actually moving, perhaps you could give them a dust every hour to keep them pristine for the admiring public. Great if you woul . Did you ever get married or still leading the life of a sorry bloke?

Look I had better stop here or I shall be writing forever. Contact me again Dan if you want to compare cars.
Luv n Stuff. Big Al

9th November 2006
Danvee_99@yhaoo .uk .co
Dear Big Al Have you got a Wildcat? I think I went to school in Pompey with you before you moved to the I.O..W. I envy you as you were always handsome and got the girls and I was not, that is why I bought the Challenger.. I find that my love life has increased since I bought the car But still not enough. I know that your car is only a Wildcat and is not as good as mine but you have never needed such things . What a small world it is. We must keep in touch. Can you send me some pics of you and your car. I will never forgive you for taking Rosie Dwyer from me..
The Challenger men went to Silverstone and the landlady in the little hotel they stayed in was lovely but I never got a look in as she was all over that bald Ed man. This is a great site this is It is a pity us Challengers don’t do anything togrther with you Wildcatters.
9th November 2006
Did I hear the Nobleman is back from his retirement jaunt around the warmer bits of Europe. You missed a great NEC and we are planning some good exciting things for next year. I am still using the Challenger everyday as the weather has been pretty good. I have become a bit unwell recently so the Challenger cheers me up. Mind you I do not drive like a hooligan like your good self.
7th November 2006
Big Al What an interesting site. I was particularly taken with the views of the Ford based Challenger and Jaguar based Challenger, differentiated by the flared arches. It would appear to me to be of little consequence as the last Challenger built was full of flared parts (even though it was a concept and had the appearance of the Sunderland flying boat) it was still a Challenger. Personally, I consider the Challenger to best replica E type built followed by the Wildcat.
All replicas are only as good as the amount of work put into them. I have seen some stunning Wildcats and rubbish Challengers and vice versa. So really does it matter? What you are driving is a dream come true for many who can’t afford the real thing. Lets face it who looks that close anyway, all they see is that wonderful shape and a 2CV with the right exhaust can sound just as good as any engine in a replica.
7th November 2006
My Challenger is not symmetrical from one side to the other that is the nature of the car. If no one else notices don’t bother. As webmaster says just fix the mouth problems with filler. To get the bumpers level especially the overriders is not easy it means taking them off and doing lots of adjustments filing etc. Look at pictures of Challengers and Jag E-types and you will see that very few bumpers are level. Mine are …well almost!!.
As you used the word “Fender” you either have a fireplace or a guitar stuck on the front of your car or are in the USA so I won’t harass you about joining the club for more info. If you look back through the posts you will find that much chrome is pattern parts which is dimensionally incorrect and has all the mounting points in the wrong places which does not help.
5th November 2006
Has anyone noticed that their bonnet is a little twisted? I carefully measured the car\'s ride height and it is sitting correctly at all four corners based on suspension heights to the ground. But the height from the front fender lip at the front wheel arch to the ground is off from one side of the car to the other. It is actually about 1'' off. I think the bonnet was not made correctly. Anyone else have this problem and found the easy solution that I might be missing?

Also, the front bumpers are crooked. The builder cut the grille opening (mouth) to accomodate the bumper. sigh
- easy enough to repair the bonnet with Isopon or similar. If you stand in front of the car does it look twisted? If not, I wouldn't worry about 1" difference - the originals (E type) were handbuilt and were often not square - webmaster

5th November 2006
Driving along A40 towards Slough followed another Challenger I met Ed at last. He has a fabulous looking White Ford/Rover . Nicer than Kevin. Very helpful man. We both had hoods down in the cold sunshine. What makes us do it? Talked for over an hour. Showed me how to make door chromes from stainless steel. Back to flared arches his whitewall trims complimented the arches in a very American way giving the car a muscular look. Was jealous as Ed has all the chrome too what a difference. I will definitely hunt for some as mine is a mixture of CCC chromed plastic or raw fibreglass. I love my Challenger 5th November 2006
As the Challenger’s profile has increased on the web mainly through this and the owners club site people have become aware that the Ford/Rover is a Challenger just as the Jaguar version is, not some lesser version to be derided. There is no covert sensitivity but if you look back through the site’s archives this subject was raised in an unpleasant way and wisely closed by the webmaster. I am thinking of selling my Jag realising some cash and buying another Challenger as this site has fired my enthusiasm again. I also apologise for my post regarding the status of the Challenger as a mere replica. I promise not to watch ‘Top Gear’ ever again
4th November 2006
Trevor I didn't intend to open a debate on whether the flared rear arches are a good or bad thing. I was purely letting owners know that I have the facility to make the changes if owners wanted to go down that route as I have done for a couple of people. For some reason my earlier post seems to have been taken as some kind of attack on the early cars. Maybe some owners are more sensitive than they like to admit.
2nd November 2006
I have an early Ford Challenger and agree with Adrian..The Series 3 V12 Roadster is a fabulous looking car and that has flared arches. The more I get into having a Challenger the more fun I am having. The best thing I have bought for years. Have met Kevin at last great bloke bit scary. Have got hockey sticks now makes doors look as if they belong.
2nd November 2006
Adrian As an owner of an early Ford Ford Challenger with flared arches I also do not understand the fuss, I am more than happy with mine, I even undertook a basic survey at a couple of shows asking viewers what they thought of the look and more than 70% preferred the flared arches
1st November 2006
Dan I was at the NEC really great display wish my car was as good..did not see Kevin or Ed Keep up the good work.
Can't see fuss about flared arches..who are we fooling?
31st October 2006
Redvers A Super stand at the NEC absolute credit to the Challenger Men. Presentation and layout was magic. 31st October 2006
Trevor Lewis
Also I'll add that I was responsible for the shape of the last car, the flaired arched one the body was made and modified with the arches and sills prepped and painted in 4 weeks flat. Nearly killed us it did. Thanks to Ernie (RIP mate) nice bloke. Who applied the primer and the original 2 tone silver/blue stripe in a marathon 24 hour stint in a paint shop in Kelso I must say that I probably loved that car more than any other I'd had a hand in over the years. I drove it at Knockhill litterally days after it was painted, with Derek sat nervously beside me. I managed to get it all out of shape at the hairpin and cracked the right front arch bouncing across the grass. It all seems to be a lifetime away. I see it is for sale oh how I wish I had 10k spare right now. 31st October 2006
Trevor Lewis
Hello all I'm Trevor Lewis the fella who worked for John and Derek from 1986 and who made the Moulds and nearly all of the bodies that are in existance. I'm really glad there is a site dedicated to this amazing car. Well done to all you guys who are keeping your cars on the road. I had a hand about 10 years ago in modifying a couple of Ford axle flared arched examples making them back to the true classic lines of the E Type. The moulds for changing the rear arches are still in existance and if anyone has the flared arch early cars and wish to have them changed I'd be happy to help you out. My phone number is 07970 974970 if anyone wants any info etc. 30th October 2006
kevin Great job yet again at the NEC. 10 out of ten for the challenger boys. 30th October 2006
Great job Webmaster I like your site
25th October 2006
Challenger Owners Club
The Challenger Owners Club have a stand with five cars on display at this years Classic Car Show at the NEC. The show is open on Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October. Please come along and visit us. For more details see the show website at ttp://
24th October 2006
Mark Do a bit more stumbling and you will find the Challenger Owners Club site or the Wildcat owners site. You will find plenty of info there. The Wildcat is a less accurate replica but a good car nevertheless
22nd October 2006
Mark McCurdy I just stumbled across this site and was surprised and excited that there existed an E-Type replica. I have admired the magnificent E-Type for many years. I take it that the Challenger or any other kit based E-types are no longer available. Can anyone verify this as I would be interested in following one up - thanks.
22nd October 2006
s w brown
the challenger is a great car i wish i had one.who knows one day-?
14th October 2006

British Racing Green Challenger built by the owner in 1989 with tan leather upholstery. The donor car was registered in 1963 and so is Tax Free. Built with all Jaguar parts and running gear including a 4.2 Engine, triple Webers, 9:1 pistons, big valve (ie series 3) head, fast road cam (Kent Cams), balanced bottom end, lightened flywheel, (built by Renaissance Engineering, Nuneaton) tubular exhaust manifolds and system.

High performance heater (modified from XJ6), Kenlow Hotstart.

Recently replaced: overdrive (Overdrive Repair Services rebuild), clutch, starter motor, radiator, all the carpets and much of trim.

The car is located in Hertfordshire area and is offered For Sale at £16,000 o.n.o.

Phone Alan Wilson for more details on 01992 511493 or
0790 3050703

9th October 2006
Lance Pembrook
I am afraid I must take umbridge with the egregious comments submitted by Mr McGovern. The last thing us Challenger owners wish to hear are the boastings of a real Jaguar owner fortunate enough to have the money to purchase and enjoy the real McCoy. Why not also try walking onto a housing estate and waving your bulbous wallet around - envy can be a dangerous commodity, sir.

Us Challenger owners appreciate the benefits of owning a replica and choose to ignore the more unsavoury aspects which are symptomatic of 'budget' classic motoring.

Feeling the breeze through my hair as I cruise the Dorset countryside is one of my few real passions in these, my twilight years and I need not reminding that I cannot afford a crisp original Jaguar.

No more on this topic - webmaster
6th October 2006
Redvers, o wot a nice change to see that a fellow challenger owner calls the plastic cars that we challenger fellows play with. (kitcars)I have been saying that k word for years! but my fellow challenger friends. say that the cars are replicas! and not repeat not kitcars.
5th October 2006
Ed F Rover
Dear Redvers
I do believe there is a certain amount of truth in what you say.. I have read the article by James May and found it to be the usual parasitically informed nonsense that he and Clarkson produce..It is a well known fact that Clarkson , witty and talented though he may be, does not know a spanner from his nostril.
I drive a beautiful Ford/Rover Challenger but I do not pretend it is the real thing (I do have a Jaguar badge on the back (naughty naughty). I actually am a very good looking man and compliment the Challenger superbly. If you are a bit visually challenged (Ho! Ho!) as we say and as I probably suspect you are.. the fact that you may have the most beautiful car in the universe will mean nothing compared to me. Also it is a but rude to criticise the cars we all love.
I have fitted Hockey sticks to mine beautifully it can be an easy task or an absolute stinker. If you are a member of the club just email anyone of us and we will provide the help you need. I paid £30 for mine which were almost perfect.
With a car that looks as fabulous as yours I cannot understand why you are bothering with the louvres… you are in danger of going as bonkers as the captain and myself.
5th October 2006
Mr S C Connolly
Re bonnet louvres;
I had alluminium martin robey louvres grafted into my Challenger bonnet, I could not see where the louvres had been grafted in ,but after the first long journey after the bonnet started to cool down I could make out very fine lines between the ally and fibreglass/filler, but you have to look very very closely.There are other options, you could borrow Mike Tomlin\'s jig and cut out the moulded vents or You could speak to Nigel Boyd on 0208 393 2315,as we all known ,he is the southern area Co-ordinator,he has a fibreglass mould of cut out louvres,but he will want a returnable deposit so that the mould will be returned,
4th October 2006
Redvers Mc Govern
I have the honour of owning a fabulous, genuine, British Racing Green 3.8 E-type Roadster for the last four years. I have owned Challengers, both XJ6 and Ford based.
I have come to the same conclusion as the journalist James May in the Daily Telegraph that to drive a replica is a rather obvious way of telling the world that you cannot afford the real thing. It is true that the Challenger is a magnificent car in its own right but, “sorry, it is not the real thing and being a kit car it is not such a good investment”.
Yes, there is a certain amount of snobbery in the classic car world: otherwise we would all be driving Mondeos. I actually found the Challenger better to drive than the genuine E-type. The Ford based model was more comfortable and had much more responsive steering, owing to its lighter Rover engine. 
2nd October 2006
2nd October 2006
john bob reference your paintmans comments about cracking my bonnets been painted 10 years and not a crack in site. cheers john
2nd October 2006
Jeff Carlisle-Dodd
Nice looking Challenger for sale on eBay for all those of you asking where you can buy one! Also some on the COC website:
1st October 2006
Bob Smith
Very interested in the issue of louvres in bonnets. I have a glassfibre bonnet which has no vents and because of the heat I want to fit some, the local "Paint man" I used for the rebuild warned that fitting an alloy louvre panel into a GF bonnet would give problems as they would expand at different rates to the GF and sooner or later "Crack the Filler"
Any comments on that ?
25th September 2006
Terry Noble Hi Ed and all other interested parties. The hood topic is making fascinating reading and very instructive. As far as I am aware the Series 1 frame is supposed to fit but never having tried to do so maybe I'm labouring under an illusion. Mary, the landlady at the Manse would, no doubt, be tickled pink if she knew her Manse was being mentioned so many times on the web. All good for business. Thanks Ed for chrome strips - arrived today. Off to Spain on Tuesday and back in time for bonfire night. Have a good NEC meeting. New grand-daughter now 3 weeks old.
Cheers all the very best to everyone out there
23rd August 2006
Dan I too have original hood although with a few holes have collected some chrome bumpers no problem fitting but gaps too big for rubber trim. Went to Greg’s Wroughton show was great but too shy to introduce myself. Hood catches rattling drive me mad also need three hands to put hood up wrestling with catches. Am thinking of buying chrome on Ebay I need headlight and hockeys and rear light as some are still CCC plastic. Jag Shop London advertise a lot but are very expensive. Was at Manse hotel when land lady had her friend there..I was in heaven!
22nd August 2006
John Deaville
19th August 2006
Ed F. Rover And hello to Peter..I still have not seen your car in the flesh(G.R.P.)so to speak. 18th August 2006
Ed F. Rover I bought a new, pattern part, rear bumper set for a good price so I am not complaining. The two blades were different lengths with the mounting points in different locations. The overriders had all the mounting and locating points in the wrong places. For the front I bought some second hand genuine blades but the overriders were just as bad and the little things that join on to the badge bar were different shapes. My car is slightly different from one side to another which made fitting the bumpers even more difficult. Strangely enough I had no problem fitting the hockey sticks and I have been told that my headlight chromes are one of the best fitting. At Silverstone (I agree with Dan the landlady was nice) I examined the chrome of a couple of real E-types and found we have nothing to be ashamed of. (Nobleman (granddad)..had a bit of a family crisis so will post the chrome strips to you on Monday if you are not whizzing around Spain enjoying yourself) 18th August 2006
John Abbey
To John Deaville, I'm in Northwich and have one that has recently gone on the road, if you would like a look get in touch. 18th August 2006
Derek Dow It is pehaps worth pointing out that it is not only the cars (Challengers or E-Types!) that vary. I initially found it impossible to fit my brand new front bumbers and badge bar etc. The bumper blades were too long and the badge bar was both too long and of a thicker profile. Whilst visiting a different supplier I took the opportunity to compare their components with mine and found that they were of quite different proportions. Needless to say I bought these ones and returned my original purchases and of course(!!!) that supplier claimed that they had not received any other complaints and that it must by my car to blame! However, on comparing their bumper blades to a brand new bonnet they had to concede that the bumbers were at fault and they rather grudgingly gave me a refund. - this used to be the way with cars in the sixties, they were hand finished to make sure everything fitted properly (or not, in the case of BL), and if you bought a replacement part (e.g. a wing or a bumper) you would have to fettle (trim and reshape) it to make it fit - webmaster 18th August 2006
Ed F. Rover My Challenger is a very early one in fact number 5. I had great difficulty fitting the bumpers. Many owners trim the bumpers to fit the cars before having them re-chromed. A good guide is to see how many Challengers have exactly vertical overriders and how many have the rubber trim correctly positioned under the little chrome things connected to the badge bar. As Derek’s car is one of the newest and designed to be a more accurate replica I suspect and hope the quality of the mouldings has improved since Challenger started. I have an original C.C.C. hood and frame which has a G.R.P. moulding but looks quite different from a genuine E-type. This is all part of the fun of having one of these cars. 18th August 2006
Derek Dow
Like Fred, I also fitted an original Series 1 hood frame, along with the front panel and plywood bow (I believe that Challengers used a fibreglass moulding which combined both of these items). I also used the Series 1 soft top. It isn't the easiest of tasks to fit a soft top to a Challenger (or E Type for that matter) but patience is rewarded. It is a matter of taking it one step at a time. I had no option but to take this route as I got one of the last cars (autumn '92) and did not manage to obtain these items from the factory in the Scottish borders. I also have fitted all of the E Type chrome and had no particular difficulties, again patience is rewarded. To the hood, I have fitted the front edge chrome strip, chrome gutters and chrome rear edge strip - all Series 1. The only chrome that I had trouble with was the door tops, where some manipulation was required but this is often the case with E types as well."E-Type The Definitive History" by P Porter gives a fascinating insight in to the development of the E-Type and the many changes made during early production.
16th August 2006
Ed F. Rover Fred and John
If a genuine hood and frame fitted without any modification you were very lucky. The original hood and frame were made by C.C.C. themselves. We know from the founders of C.C.C. that the doors were a different size from the originals as is the bonnet. I have fitted all the chrome to mine and nothing fitted without lots of work. I know for a fact that Kevin, a regular poster on this site, has used an original frame and had problems. I f you haven’t already, join the owners club as many owners have battled with Challenger hoods and would be more than willing to help.
15th August 2006
Simon Connolly John,Check out jagads, there is a primrose yellow challenger on there, for sale.
11th August 2006
Ref. Challenger Hood.
A Series1 (or 2 for that matter)hood frame and soft top will fit perfectly and are readily available (if a bit pricey) from the usual Jaguar parts suppliers such as- SNG Barratt (where I bought mine), Martin Robey (who made the frame!), David Manners etc.
8th August 2006
John Deaville
Hi. I am thinking of buying an unfinished Challenger, it mainly requires chrome, complete interior, windscreen and hood. The availability of the hood worries me as having read the forum a few people have asked about availability of hoods and no one seems to reply to their question. Where can I get one from please, will a series 1 frame fit? Any info to help make my mind up weather to buy it would be much appreciated. Does anyone who owns one live close to me in Stoke on Trent so I can have a look at theirs? Many thanks.
7th August 2006
I was at Siverstone too but parked with the real Etypes by mistake did not have courage to tell them it was a Challenger. stayed in old hotel too and fell in love with landlady
4th August 2006
Peter Hurrell I have been having a water leak problem for several weeks with my Jaguar based Challenger, two garages and several helpful enthusiasts were not able to come up with an answer. After a journey of 80 miles, a top up of half a cup of water would be needed. As there were no signs of hose leakages, the concern was that a gasket had blown and water was leaking into the engine. I eventually spotted the problem myself, it was a worn gasket under the automatic choke thermostat, it was allowing water to evaporate without leaving any tell tale antifreeze stains. The removal of two little nuts and the fitting of a gasket costing a few pence, and she is totally water tight once more. If you experience a similar problem, check this out first, and unlike me,you could save yourself some sleepless nights. In answer to Simon regarding Challenger prices, you are quite right,good ones can fetch good money. I have recently turned down two offers of £20,000 at shows. I allowed them to take my phone number, but I've stopped answering the phone. What other car can attract so many people at shows other than the iconic E-type ? and more and more enthusiasts want to learn all about Challengers.
Hello to Ed, just to let you know, I'm still alive but barely kicking.
1st August 2006
Ed F. Rover I was at Silverstone Friday and Saturday..a fabulous two days. Seven Challengers on display attracted a huge amount of attention. Evenings consisted of good company, pub grub, a couple of pints and bed in a 300 year old hotel…Challenger ownership has its advantages. 31st July 2006
Simon Connolly We went to the classic car races at Silverstone today,great day out,the challenger stand ,as ever was very good,I hope to have my Challenger back from the sprayshop,(louvres being fitted), ready the classic meet at Wroughton next Sunday
30th July 2006
Simon Connolly For sale, 1974,M, series 2 Jaguar xj6 auto L,non runner, gearbox no good, must be towed away. Car comes with V5, spares or repair, or donor car, contact me on 07956 910879. £200
30th July 2006
John Abbey
Hello, mine is now on the road 16 years in the building. Its fun to drive, now getting teething troubles. Will be coming off the raod again soon to sort out rear hubs and get ready for stoneleigh next year.Anyone got a 3.07 diff they don\'t want??
25th July 2006
Ed F. Rover I have a Challenger and have just driven to the off-licence and back. The sun has just set, it is really warm and the roof is down. A journey of about three miles….ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!!
Nobleman.. I will see look forward to seeing you Friday at Silverstone.
23rd July 2006
Derek Dow Regarding VIN numbers - My car was collected from the Borders factory during July '92 and has no identifying numbers on it. Nor did I see any other cars with any such markings on my frequent visits to the factory. - I guess that confirms that there are no official marks on any chassis - but some may have been marked by, or on behalf of the customer, during or after construction - webmaster
19th July 2006
Simon Connolly Re: ots rear lamps and hockey sticks, Earlier on in the year ,I was sold 'otc rear lamps',they were not otc,they were from a coupe,I did get a full refund,but the journey to pick them up was over 100 miles,the otc lamps are wider ,check before buying.Hockey sticks they will fit, you will even get the hockey sticks under the windscreen caps but you will have to file away fibreglass from the cap area.the hockey sticks will need shaping into the windscreen rubber and chrome strip,do this before you rechrome(unlike me). 19th July 2006


Hi Keith Palmer. Re your message of the 22nd May. Has anyone answered your call re bonnet catches. They are from a Renault car and are part numberR77 00 692 543 04101C and priced, now I suppose, about £20 plus VAT.

Also for the webmaster - chassis numbers are welded onto frame in various places, mine is top of chassis frame nearest to front offside wheel and is 284. Note to Ed. See you Silverstone and back in UK until 29th August and then away again until 5th Nov. - there are no chassis numbers on mine. I made a point of asking Derek Robinson when I collected my rolling chassis (believed to be number 195) from Corby and he confirmed there were no identifying numbers. It was suggested that the original Jaguar chassis number could be stamped on the frame so that I could identify the chassis in the event of a theft, etc. I have a suspicion that later vehicles made in Scotland were numbered.

18th July 2006
Ed F. Rover You should not wear your bonnet in public!! Especially while you are working. Looking forward to seeing you at Silverstone, should be good fun. I think that there will be quite a few Challengers there on the stand.. I don’t think the Captain will be there as he is contemplating selling his car which will be a great buy for someone. I now have all the chrome so my car looks really good. Late reply to Adrian..the early Challengers like mine had a brass plate with the chassis number and engine number engraved on it. I don’t know what C.C.C. did with the XJ6 based cars. - Derek Robinson once told me that they did not mark the chassis, nor did they keep a record of serial numbers - webmaster
18th July 2006
Simon Connolly For General Information,Alluminium louvres are available from Martin Robey to your door for £109.86. 18th July 2006
Simon Connolly
Ed,I am sorry that I did not make uxbridge,but I have a long hole in my bonnet,I am awaiting delivery of ally louvres from martin robey that will be let into my fibreglass bonnet.See you and any other challenger owners at Siverstone. 17th July 2006
Ed F. Rover Just back from Uxbridge Show..really good day out…I was wrong, there was another Challenger... from Dorset, a red Ford/Rover.
16th July 2006
Ed F. Rover All you West London Challenger men
There is, this Sunday, Uxbridge Auto Show. This is a wonderful car show situated in Uxbridge Middx. just down the A40. I shall be there, the only Challenger!! The weather is always good and the compulsory Hog Roasts delicious.
13th July 2006
Simon Connolly
The person,who answered Ian Smith's question regarding challenger valuation ,must have been very lucky when he bought his 'mint' one for 14k,before I purchased mine ,I looked at loads and they were all around the 14k mark (and they were not mint examples )but that was 18 months ago ,I would say values have climbed since then to the upper teens.
11th July 2006
Simon Connolly
Thanks for the info, John,but I intend to fit the metal louvres.
11th July 2006
John Abbey Simon, have you thought of opening the ones in your bonnet up, it would look much better than retro fitting the plate type. Mine are plates and they look ok but not half as good as integral ones. Mike Tomlin manged to open his out.
10th July 2006
Simon Connolly
My bonnet louvres were never cut out, I intend to cut out the fibreglass blanks and replace them with metal 14 row E Type louvres,but where do I buy them?,can anybody help?
Many Thanks,
8th July 2006
Bob Logan
Looking for Challenger or Wildcat in USA.
7th July 2006
  Ian , you could pay up to £14,000 for a mint example of a challenger. as thats what I paid, the prices vary from 5k to 15k
6th July 2006
I have a jag based challenger for sale if anyone is interested just been mot\'d and taxed red, black roof, wire wheels,all jag fittings, very good condition real eyecatcher looks the biz selling due to new project offered on here 1st £13,995 ono ring phil on 0121 561 2925 or 07957114026
29th June 2006
ian smith
I am looking to buy a challenger and need help in finding a correct valuation
28th June 2006
Roger Bishop
CCC Challenger for sale. 4.2 XJ6 engine. 5 Speed gearbox. CWW,Leather seats.needs TLC. Call Roger 07957443535 SE UK
27th June 2006
  anybody no the approx price for a frame and mohair double duck roof to be fitted to a challenger and why some challengers have no heater or demisting vents on top of the dashboard to demist the glass?
27th June 2006
7th June 2006
Keith Palmer
Does anyone know where to obtain a Challenger Bonnet catch ? Thanks Keith 22nd May 2006
Richard Korpela
I would like to know if anyone offers a Jag E type kit. There are so many Cobra kits available, but I think the Jag E type is a nicer looking automobile. I want to do this in Canada. I have heard that a performance car company in Ohio is trying to get some E type molds from England (Challenger perhaps) and start producing them again. This would be good. If you have any comments about this please let me know.
22nd May 2006
jag based, clean example. loads of brand new parts.never seen rain!
19th May 2006
  4.2 jag based challenger wanted not automatic must be top quality example up to £19k paid for right example tel.07984459617 17th May 2006
Paul Hughes
I have a Jag based Challenger in red with auto box and black interior only 5000 miles and only on sunny days. For sale £12000, Paul, 07976 082550 West Yorkshire
5th May 2006
david rosenthal
I have a jag. based challenger and the front suspension rides too high. It has spax G601, and is set to the lowest setting. I replaced the rear with coilovers from classic jaguar (usa) and it is good now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you know the rating of the original springs? Thanks
29th April 2006
Simon Connolly
Who is going to Stoneleigh this weekend?

25th April 2006
Can anyone suggest where to locate adjustable seats which will fit into the 17" gap between the sill and the transmission tunnel - try here: The Classic range has several which will fit - webmaster
24th April 2006
chris Are there any coupe triple c challengers?
23rd April 2006
Markj Question is it possible to fit steel e type doors and bonnet onto the triple c challenger?
6th April 2006
Adrian Can any challenger owners let me know where or how to find out the chassis number of my challenger, I am sure someone will tell to look under something and it will miraculously appear. - there isn't one - webmaster
31st March 2006
Simon Connolly
Anybody going to the Jaguar spares day at Stoneleigh on the 19/03/06?
8th March 2006
simon In the event of a road trafic accident is it possible to get doors, boot, the body shell and bonnet for the triple c challenger. If you cant what can you do. any info? - the simple answer is no, but if you need that lot the car is a write-off! For minor bodywork damage I use Isopon (e.g. when my wife backed a towbar into the nose!) - webmaster
7th March 2006
Captain Ron
This is probably the best run owners site I have seen. I constantly refer back to it just for the pleasure. I was keen on challenger from the begining and probably still have the original brochure in a draw somewhere at home. i currently have (apart from the working everyday landrover)a one off Bugatti 51 made for "Brideshead revisited" but hopefully one day will have a Challenger as my "last in life car". having driven an E type and a Challenger the later was much nicer to handle. so what i wanted to say was congratulations on a great site.
25th February 2006
ters van wyk
e-type roadster. One of the best classics of all time. Please help me to a shell for starters. S.O.S.
16th February 2006
wroughton challenger classic
thought you may be interested in the Wroughton Chalenger Classic Car show and auto Jumble, August 6th 2006? Check out
15th February 2006
andy maylen
I have a challenger for sale its metalic blue blue leather 4.2 manual based on 1976 xj c looking for offers 01279 443232, 07887928080
11th February 2006
andrew walker
I am thinking of selling my ccc its jag based old english white good plate would consider part ex for sports classic ( l.h.d.)my car is in costa del sol spain.
3rd February 2006
Adrian In respect of the unleaded change, I bought something called black cats from a show they are some kind of lead windings in ball form and you simply put the required amount into your tank, I have had no problems since and the manufacturers reckon they are good for about 100000 miles cost me about £30
1st February 2006
Simon Anybody fancy bringing their Challenger to the triumph sports six club south of England meet on the 13/05/06 to the 14/05/06?. There is always a good Triumph turnout with lots of other classics in attendance.
25th January 2006
I have just bought a pair of E type rear lamps of a otc car to fit on my challenger(I have the Challenger lamps fitted),but they do not seem to fit,Should I have bought a pair of lamps from a coupe?,any ideas?
Many Thanks
22nd January 2006
Ed Dear Webmaster
I am thinking of replacing my sad black GRP bumpers with chrome ones. I looked at SNG at your suggestion and they wanted around £1200 for the lot much the same as Dan’s USA site. I am not as wealthy as you and so will continue down the secondhand, rechrome route keeping an eye on Ebay and the Jag spares days. - I am no longer wealthy after purchasing bumper set (16 years ago!) - webmaster
21st January 2006
I would like some advice please. On Ebay that esteemed internet auction site, there is an American concern selling complete sets of new Series 1 bumpers for about $1500. Has anybody purchased the aforementioned chromeware, were you satisfied? And do you think I will be as they say, ripped off? Thank you Kevin for your most valuable suggestions concerning the white wheels. Advertising in “Which Kit” magazine, there is a company called “Europa” which sells white wall tyre inserts priced at circa £30. I too have seen Mr. Hurrel’s Bluebell and now have a distant goal to achieve. - why don't you try SNG Barratt ( for bumpers. That's where mine came from - they just need a lot of polishing to keep the chrome clean! - webmaster 20th January 2006
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kevin Hi Dan,
yes i used white gloss paint! from b&q not bad hey. and wood chip for the dash! keep pulling them ladys.all the best
18th January 2006
john garside
tel 01502 532812
4.2 jaguar challenger for sale 5 speed gearbox ,Ls diff, series 1 dash and connolly leather seats all e type chrome and parts , tax exempt this car is oil and water tight and in concours condition possibly best in country . colour silver price £15,000 no offers 17th January 2006
Have sorted out my steering, got new MOT car is wonderful, am enjoying life and looking forward to sunshine have bought straw hat and baseballcap and clip on sunglasses. I work in a library with sevaral lady assistants and they all ask me for a lift they used to laugh at me before. am getting lots of cuddles behind the shelves when people are not looking Challenger best thing I ever bought wish I have bought one earlier,. Where can I get white rim tyres like the purple car with no back bummers in the gallery. Are they tyres or painted on?
11th January 2006
Hi there can anyone give me some advice I recently changed from leaded to unleaded petrol and now my car has started to backfire. I am sure its the car and not me! I did not have many sprouts for Christmas. Have you any answers web master? I have a XJ6 Jaguar engine which has always run well before. Has anyone experienced this? and do you recommend an additive or do you think tuning is required ? 8th January 2006
Peter Hurrell At an club meeting last year, my Challenger was parked close by to an extremely nice, and obviously very old M.G. in two tone blue. Whilst I was taking photos and admiring the car,the owner was admiring mine. On enquiring, he told me that his car was 70 years old, which would date it to 1935.........something wasn't quite right, this should have made it a "P" series, but the design looked a lot older. After spending sometime looking at my car he exclaimed, "What a gorgeous E-Type, the best that I've ever seen". I cleared my throat and replied, "Maybe, but yours is a real one, and mine is only a replica". He chuckled, and said, "So is mine", and then went on to explain that this particular model was built in the early 1920's and as none had survived into the thirties, enthusiasts were forced into building replicas. So you see, what Triple C were doing 20 years ago, was also being done 50 years before that........nothing is new, is it?. The gentleman's car then went on to win a prize on the day. The moral of the story is, cherish your Challenger and it may also be a show winner in 70 years time.........if it is, then please let me know. 5th January 2006
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Ed F. Rover Following Peter's experience... my heaterless Challenger reminds me of a Bond three wheeler I had when I was 17. Everytime I cleared the windscreen it froze over. In the end I sat on a cushion and wore sunglasses so that I could see over the top of the windscreen whilst driving.In the snow or rain I would remove the sidescreens and drive with my head out of the side window.
Dan...there will be at least 5 or 6 Challengers at Stoneleigh. I told you the women would like your she did not struggle to get out. Who knows what will happen next time..I am worried about your landlady's dumplings though. Send me a picture of your car as we Ford/Rover (Ford/Ford in your case) are in a minority.
2nd January 2006
Peter Hurrell Back in the 1970\'s when I didn't have the luxury of a garage, and during severe frosty weather, I found that a hot water bottle filled with boiling water and rubbed over the windscreen cleared the ice away much faster than de-icer sprays and didn't leave sticky smears on the glass. Sitting on my lap, the warm bottle also made the journey to work in my TR6 much more pleasant, whilst waiting for its enefficient heater to warm up. The hot water bottle is also very handy for when the wife kicks you out of bed for snoring, and you have to sleep in the spare room.
2nd January 2006
Dan Happy New Year
think its sad that people have to critcize I like the replies especially the long one. Thanks to people for mailing me pictures I cant resist driving as much as possible roof leaks everywhere drilled hole in floor.Took car to drama society wine and cheese I gave a lady a lift home she was a bit big so she struggled to get in got a xmas kiss. The engine is from a Sweeney Granada I dont like KFc its the landlady's cooking i cant resist her dumplings. Will I see other Challengers at the kitcar shows
1st January 2006

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