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Hi,I am seeking out a Challenger,ideally tax exempt,can anyone please put me in touch? 6th October 2012
Will Ramsay

the overdrive on my CHallenger only worked intermittently. I replaced the stitch on the gearstick (which had burnt wires) but it still doesn't work. ANy ideas?
The overdrive is hydraulically operated, so make sure the gearbox oil is clean and topped up.
Also on my vehicle the operating solenoid needed some attention. The solenoid housing contains the solenoid and plunger which operates the oil valve to engage overdrive. At the back of the solenoid there is a bakelite disc on which are mounted electrical contacts. The bakelite cracks with age and heat and eventually disintegrates. I rebuilt the disc with a UPVC disc, and mounted the contact set in exactly the same position, using the old bakelite as a template. Usually the overdrive engages without problem.- webmaster

22nd July 2012
Webmaster The build manual is back on-line 22nd July 2012
Glyn Edwards classic vehicle services
Currently rebuilding a chalenger v8 for a customer.
9th May 2012
hello, looking for a challenger, any spec, thankyou 4th May 2012
Michael Naughton
seeking a car
18th March 2012

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