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kevin marshall
HELP! as any body got a hood
frame 4 jag based challenger!
regards kevin
27th December 2003
Derek Dow What was your particular job Martin?
14th December 2003
gus stirling very good 14th December 2003
Martin Callaghan Used to build these for a living, still in touch with the rest of the old team they are getting on a bit now
14th December 2003
Linda Hadfield
Black and Chrome Challenger for sale 1976 - good condition
7th November 2003
robert close
Challenger 4 sale 1 owner 1996 3263DH jag running gear

7th November 2003
robert close Never realised the Challenger had a owners club
7th November 2003
Peter Crespin Anyone wanting a home-made (not by me) E type fuel tank fabricated out of steel is welcome to come and get it for a fiver. There is a sender and a fuel filter etc built in by the look of it. Call (Buxton) 01298 27112. 20th October 2003
It is a pity there were no Ford/Rover cars reviewed in the article..I have seen plenty of gleaming Jag based cars but mine is the only F/R car I have yet seen and mine at the moment is horrible. If anyone has a F/R car please mail me some pics.
24th September 2003
Tony Kimber There is a very comprehensive 5 page article about the Challenger in the October issue of Kitcar magazine - well worth reading 24th September 2003
Challenger regretfully up for sale. First class condition - superb panel fit and paint. Jaguar based, 60's plate. Just passed MOT without any work. This car has never been used in the winter and is as clean underneath as it is on top. £700 of engine work this year to make completely oil tight. 4.2 with triple carbs and 5 speed gearbox and powerlok diff. Excellent chrome wires (5), leather interior and hood. Hard top included. Also fitted with Motolita and CD player. Recent engineers full report available. Offers around £14500 - top price but top car! 9th September 2003
Ed Thanks Duncan..another piece of my jigsaw puzzle finds a place.

8th September 2003
Tony Kimber
Duncan - many thanks for your help in identifying some of the early Challenger parts. We have a number of club members who are short of any written manual or build information so if anyone else can help with any data for the early Ford/Rover based Challenger it would be much appreciated. 8th September 2003
Last wrote in july 01. I built a ford/rover car. I dont remember any instructions just some notes sent by Derek. The upper wishbone swivle was a Maxi Lower swivle. Sorry but I dont remember the steering rack if I find any notes I will let you know. The radiator was Ford capri 3 ltr with a kenlow fan.
7th September 2003
John McGonigal Bring back the Challenger! Surely the demand must be there. I know I would buy one. 6th September 2003
Thanks..Ford/Rover...does anyone know where the upper wishbone bushes and top steering swivel (looks like a trackrod end) come from? I am still desperate for a copy of a build manual.
3rd September 2003
I am considering selling my Challenger - built 13 years ago - Corby days of the company
Jag based, racing green, triple webers, lightly tuned engine etc and all in good condition. Would anyone like to suggest what it is worth and whether there is a demand for such cars. - in the range £10000 to £15000 - webmaster
Re Ed's enquiry I believe the steering rack is from an MGB though I am not sure if it is modified in any way. From memory I also used MGB track rod ends. The Jag based steering rack is non-standard - although similar to an MG rack, the splines and ratio are different - webmaster
3rd September 2003
Ed Lucky man! I keep going into my garage and crying.

29th August 2003
kevin marshall
just got my hands on new jag based challenger from spain, took it 4 mot 2day came away a happy man.still keep going in the garage and looking at it. o wot a toy! 28th August 2003
I also have a Ford/rover Challenger and would like a manual..the one suggested by webmaster is for the Jag version and also will not let me print it.
Does anyone know what steering rack is used and what radiator with a rover v8
27th August 2003
Mark Does anyone have a copy of the early Ford based Challenger Manual? I would of course pay for all copying charges. Thanks
22nd August 2003
Webmaster The original Challenger Technical Manual can be downloaded HERE as a PDF file. It is over 11 Mbytes - apologies to those of you without broadband. 19th August 2003
Revel Barker Does Martin still have the moulds?
Does James still have a shell?
Please contact:
16th August 2003
Antony Haynes
Challenger for sale, 4.2 gunmetal, 60's reg.£12,000.00

13th August 2003
Mike Sheehan
I am considering buying a Challenger: does anyone know if it can be imported to France. (SVA etc) Thanks
13th August 2003
Peter Scholey
For Sale Challenger
25th July 2003
Terry Noble
Hi Webmaster, Just a little information on the pleasures of driving a Challenger. I have just completed a 2,200 miles trip to France, door to door, culminating with a visit to Le Mans. The car behaved beautifully and I managed to get in some pretty fast bits. As you know part of the circuit is on public roads and the Mulsane straight is fantastic to drive on. All the best
3rd July 2003
peter worby
Challenger needing work wanted,,any condition
27th June 2003
kevin marshall
hi. am looking 2 buy a challenger, is there any takers, regards kmarshall
22nd June 2003
Dave Espie
I have just found this site - it is amazing that so many people still have a passion for the Challenger. I purchased my car a year ago and have no intention of ever selling it. I am it's 3rd owner. The car was built in '92 near Hull. It is promrose yellow with a 4.2 triple carb engine and a 5-speed box. The chap who built the car did a wonderful job - so good that an established classic E-Type restorer looked at it up close for 5 mins before he realised that it was not the real thing. However, there is one thing that I would like to do on the car and would welcome any advice; I would like to put a chrome strip around the rear number-plate aperture like the original E. Has anyone out there already done this? what did you use and how did you prepare the body? Lastly, is there a Challenger owners club? - Clearly it's time to repeat this: to join the Challenger Owners Club please visit or email for an application form. Note that this site has no connection with COC, as I haven't yet paid my subscription - webmaster
20th June 2003
Neil Whitehead
Very useful. I have an original '88 brochure and have been trying to find out what happened to Triple C. How do I find out about cars for sale? 27th May 2003
Martin Boddy
Just love it! Because I cannot afford a finished car, I am seriously looking for an incomplete car to finsh. Is there any chance of keeping informed if one turns up? Thanks
20th May 2003
Peter Crespin
I'm thinking of buying 302 but I'm not sure if this is a Triple C car or what? There is some paperwork with it which talks about a modified kit with altered steering geometry etc and it all sounds pretty impressive but I'm not sure if the paperwork for this supposed Mark II kit applies to the car in question. It has all Jag running gear but is a bit ropey under the bonnet and in terms of trim etc. What do you reckon a fair price would be?
16th May 2003
Paul Johnson Thanks Rick but I suspect I got what I paid for and that is less than half the going rate for the Jag based cars. I am content that I have a stunning looking and performing motor that detracts from the E-type in certain areas but then the Challenger in all guises is not a real E-type and never will be. The amusing thing is that there are few of us that would know the difference between the challengers and and E-types, 99% of the population think it is one or at least an exotic car. For the money I paid I couldn't have got a bonnet for a real one or half of a Jag based challenger so let's get it in perspective! No harm done Webmaster just the need for a reality check and tolerance of those less fortunate than the owners of Jag based examples!
13th May 2003

Paul sorry to say this mate but you have just wasted your hard earned your cash on a pile of crap. Everyone knows in Challenger Land flared arches are a No No and definetley should be Jaguar engine and Jaguar running gear. If you would like to see how a Challenger is suposed to look and 99% EType you can call me on 07951 437 570

I suspect this argument could go on - and this is not the forum for that debate. Like it or not, a Challenger is a Challenger, whether it is Ford/Rover or Jaguar powered. Can we have some more positive responses to the question below? - webmaster

13th May 2003
Paul Johnson
I need help! I have just bought one of the very early Challengers based on Rover/Ford and with flared body. While this is probably rare it is less desirable and I would like to consider using my Series 2 XJ bits to bring her up to scratch. Is this possible does anyone know? Are the chassis too different? I am also very interested in a copy of a build manual (I will pay for copying etc) as there are bits missing and I want to understand the construction. If I have to keep the Ford running gear where can I get an adaptor to be able to fit the proper spoked Jaguar wheels. If anyone can help I would be grateful, She looks great now but with a few improvements.....!!
12th May 2003
Hi there everyone in Challenger's land. My name is Rick, I have just purchased a beautiful Challenger which is near perfect ,apart from the brakes which feel very soft and take some time to stop. Would anyone out there with some experience of these cars give me some guidance of the cause of this problem,also I have a 350SL Classic Mercedes 1972 for SALE with Hard & soft top. Call for more details on 07951 437 570
By the way great site. - Have a look at the pedal box and servo mounting - on my car this was a serious weak point as there was nothing like enough rigidity in the pedal box, and the brake master cylinder, servo and clutch cylinder were distorting their mounting points. Look at the cylinder while you get someone to apply pedal pressure (with the engine running). I strengthened the box with box section bracing. Also bleed the brakes using a pressure system, and check that the brake pipes enter the calipers at the lower unions, with the bleed nipples at the higher unions (ensures any air bubbles rise and are bled out) - webmaster
5th May 2003
any one want to buy a bonnet or body shell un painted both for £1200 or £750 respectively. I may be able to do a chassis as well is there is any interest?
16th April 2003
Jeff Carlisle-Dodd Further to Steve Trodd's query, I found that a hairdrier softens the glue so that the plate can be peeled off, and any residue cleaned off with spirit. To prevent the new plate sticking prematurely you can slide it into position using diluted washing-up liquid - works a treat! 26th March 2003
Mike Tomlin Terrific site, well done. 23rd March 2003

Steve Trodd

I want to change the registration number on my Challenger. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove the stuck on numberplate on the bonnet
thanks in advance - Mine peeled off quite easiliy, on a hot day, and the residual glue yielded to isopropyl alcohol - webmaster
23rd March 2003
Alf Gidman
Tel no. 0151 520 1992 evenings.
0151 632 8384 office.
Own a very early version, purchased in 1992, which has been stored in my garage ever since. Never had the time to do the work I planned, but always been good to look at. Hopefully this year I intend to get it on the road.
Believe the car to be one of the early prototype development models - flared rear arches - wide transmission tunnel - adjustable front suspension links etc. remember speaking to Derek and John way back 93 - 94 when the exibited at Stafford Kit Car Show. Later visited the factory in the Borders - Scotland.
Could do with any information regarding the purchaes of a bonnet lock mechanism, also anyone out there able to supply a wiring diagram?
20th March 2003
Challenger Owners Club
Reply to Glen re his posting on 5th march - As far as we know, there were only 306 Challengers produced and we are in touch with about 60 owners currently.
12th March 2003
Bob Fewkes
Has anyone got any info on the fibreglass interior trim panels especially the one where the hood frame mounts. 11th March 2003
Glen How many Challenger e-types were made in total?
7th March 2003
07951 437570
Challenger required, Jag Engine excellent example needed
5th March 2003
Terry Noble
Site is excellent and very informative. Terrific way of passing on and exchanging news and views. Keep up the good work.
25th February 2003
John B. Do you know of any other kits for the E Type that are currently in production?
Anyone know if Dunford Classic Cars (who make(?) a lightweight e-type replica) are still operating - all Web site links to them seem to be dead - webmaster
8th February 2003
Tony Kimber Thanks Jeff,
Should anyone wish to join the Challenger Owners Club please email for an application form
16th February 2003
Jeff Carlisle-Dodd
I can't believe that this website has been in existance since mid 2000 and I have only just discovered it! I've owned a Challenger since 1995 and am really pleased to see my own enthusiasm for them reflected here. Join the Owners Club and let's roll!
15th February 2003
Derek Robinson

It's really exciting for me to see how much the Challenger is still loved by you all.
All of us involved in the project spent many many hours developing the car from scratch - and we loved every minute of it.
We were devasted when the economy collapsed and took us with it.
Even though I lost everything - including the house - I won't have missed the experience for anything.
Best wishes to Challenger owners past and present.
Derek Robinson - Founder

Hi Derek - webmaster
31st January 2003
Phillip Crisp Good to know there are Challengers still around. Mine has been garaged since October 2001 but I am hoping to get it back on the road this Spring after a little rodent damage to the dash trim is mended and some rechroming to the rear offside bumper is attended to. It is a 3 carb model, Solent Blue with blue hood, chrome 72 spokes, and chrome front bars. It always caused a lot of positive comment where ever I parked it. Is there a recommended Challenger repairer / servicer out there? 28th January 2003
Mark Tilley
Hi, I have followed the Challenger project from the early days as well as building a number of 'rival' kits. As a jaguar enthusiast I have owned many different models including two E type coupes. I have always believed in the viability of a quality E type replica (the comments on this site serve to confirm this) I am confident that I could project manage such an activity and would be delighted to hear from like minded individuals. An engineer myself I work as a manager within the UK boatbuilding industry and have access to much of the skill set required for a project such as this, in particular of course laminators and mould makers. I am sure the way ahead is to produce new high quality moulds since the originals (even if they still existed) would be in a well worn / tired state. By esentially starting again but in the spirit of the Challenger the whole concept could be reengineered, for example by using modern resins and techniques we could produce lighter and stiffer panels.

I would welcome any comments and would be prepared to travel to meet up with either individuals or groups interested in this (not new!) idea.

25th January 2003
I have just had come into my hands a set of e-type replica moulds!!!!!!
18th January 2003
Alan A I have been looking for an E-type kit for years, and now one that uses the Jag engine and running gear!! I knew it was too good to be true! And now no more!! Too bad. I doubt there were any left hand drive ones out there anyway.
6th January 2003

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