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I\'ve just aquired a second hand, almost unstarted Challenger kit which I\'m going to complete. I\'m really looking forward to getting it done.
26th September 2008
WANTED im looking to purchase a car all considered many thanks 15th September 2008
adrian plumb Bill, log onto the challenger owners website, we have some Challengers for sale.
19th August 2008
bill are all ford or rover engined replicas called wildcats and the proper jag ones challengers. i need to know as im looking for one. - no. Early Challengers were Ford/Rover engine and running gear. Build standard and resemblance to original E-type are generally much better for Challengers - webmaster
15th August 2008
Lucas Kastelijn
With "far beyond normal" people's budgets regarding the prices of obtaining and maintaining a genuine E-type it is a pity that the Challenger is no longer in production! I am one of the Lucky Few that own a Jaguar V12 E-type but I would love to build a Challenger to use it as a daily driver! Perhaps keeping up the originality by using a newer type (Jaguar) engine?
11th August 2008
i have a challenger in very good condition, located in alexandria virginia, usa for sale. please contact me if interested.
8th July 2008
peter scholey
Wish to sell Challenger 4th July 2008
Michael Hile
I am looking for an E type replica kit here in the US
6th June 2008
Adrian Plumb
Walter, Ford based Challengers are even rarer than the Jaguar based ones, you should visit our owners club site and view the cars for sale. I only know of 2 Challengers in USA 2nd June 2008
Herb Can you point me in the direction to purchase a kit
26th May 2008
Walter White
I'm in the US and have just found out about this kit car. I can't imagine why a kit of the most beautiful car ever made has ceased production. The US seems like a great market if anyone follows the cost of a XKE from Jaguar. I would have interest in a reasonably priced Triple C Challenger with Ford motor and left hand drive.
24th May 2008
Bob Hi RMA. Sorry derek Robinson rings no bells. To anyone else still looking for a Challenger (kit or complete) 4th January 2008
what happened to john cartright triple c welding engineer

2nd January 2008

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