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Whatever happened to Derek Robinson?
29th December 2007
Bob Jackson
Very informative pdf's. Looking for a part completed or just complete kit 3rd December 2007
william what is the colour and engine to establish if it is a jag or a ford wildcat
27th November 2007
william hunt

i have just bought what i think is an e,type challenger,scowering the net i cane across your site.iwould realy like to learn more of what you guys get up to rallies etc and was wondering if there is some club or register i could join . . .presuming my car is indeed a challenger! . . .it isindistinguable from an origonal as far as i can see,and having looked at origonal jags i went for the challenger . . . i hope i made the right desition ! !
24th November 2007
challenger for sale 4.2 e type engine racing green concours condition tax exempt. 20K 9th October 2007
edmund cassidy
interesred in buying a good challenger
4th October 2007
Matt Gentile
Hello group, i have a challenger and i am located in virginia, am considering selling it, am trying to determine value, feel free to write me with any comments from interested parties. best regards, matt
4th September 2007
joachim beck hallo challenger-besitzer, ich bin auf der suche nach leuten, die einen challenger nach deutschland eingeführt und hier zugelassen haben und die mir informationen über die zulassungsprozedur geben können. bin für jeden hinweis dankbar, dem ich nachgehen kann, auch wenn er unvollständig sein sollte oder nur auf hörensagen beruht. informationen bitte an danke im voraus, joachim beck

hello to all challenger-owner, i am looking for someone who has imported a challenger-car to germany and had it registered here and can give advice on how to clear the registration-procedure. any information that leads to this
someone or someone who might know someone is gladly appreciated. please contact thank you for your support, joachim beck

21st August 2007
Adrian Kev, have you tried visiting the challenger owners club site? it is a bit out of date but there are some challengers for sale and if you contact Mike Tomlin he should be in a position to advise
20th August 2007
Kev is this site dead
20th August 2007
Kev is there any challenger e types for sale on this site.
2nd August 2007
Bob Abrahams
I wonder what Mr. Robinson is up to these days. It is a shame the company stopped production
26th July 2007
Ed a true gent, someone who was passionate about his loves, which thankfully for all those in the challenger world included US. Ed you will be sorely and deeply missed by Challenger owners the world over. I hope you are having a cold polish beer with St peter mate
25th July 2007
Simon Connolly
21st July 2007
kevin marshall
ive just been told that my dear friend Ed as passed a way. he was very dear friend to me. my tears are falling on the key board as iam trying to right this. we came very good friends because of this great website. we had such great times makeing fun on this site. he will be sadly missed by all.he did a fantastic job to is muched loved challenger. i for one as now lost a large part of my life. as we spoke hell of a lot in the short time we new each other. he was a true gent.god bless you Ed. 19th July 2007
Chris Ward
For info - the correct pressure for challenger on donor tyres (205/70 15) is 19 psi. I got this figure from the designer.
9th July 2007
kenny Robey
very good website
3rd July 2007
Since completing my Challenger in 19996 I have run tyre pressures of FRONT 24 PSI and REAR 25 PSI. I have found this to work very well with even tyre wear - I've covered around 35,000 miles - Although I would say that the Challenger seems to be quite tolerant to a wide range of tyre pressures. I am not aware of any suggested figures in the "build manual" supplied by the factory. 29th May 2007
what is the correct tyre pressure for a jag engined challenger - keep mine at 30psi - webmaster
9th May 2007
Mike Birds
Hi I have just bought an unstarted kit second hand and I am looking for bits please
26th March 2007
What is the safest way and correct place to lift or jack up a challenger to facilitate me removing the front wheeels without damaging the frame or craking the fibreglass bodyshell. also after renewing my back suspension how long will it take to settle to the correct ride height as i have not tested it on the road yet.
12th March 2007
Jasper Bon

I read this site avout the e-type challenger with big interess. I'm looking for a carosserie and maybe I can build the chassis
myself, with parts of a peugeot 404 (wheel base is the same of a e-type) But I'm not sure it fits in the chassis of the challenger.
Is it possible to get or buy a building plan of the challenger? I heard that the challenger is no longer for sale, but maybe I can buy
the carosserie later from somebody that start with building but didn't finish it? How can I get the other parts :interior, lamps, exterior parts,chrom etc. I'm looking for somebody that wants to email about this.
(carosserie = bodywork - webmaster)
11th March 2007
david rosenthal My jaguar based Challenger has only two fuses near the dashboard. they were originally located under the steering column (on the left here in the U.S.) and i have since moved them behind the center instruments (where Jaguar intended them to be). Eventually i intend on replacing them with a real fuse panel as two fuses is way toooo few for an english car!!
11th March 2007
Steve Cherry
Any progress in putting the Challenger back into production?
8th March 2007
Ed Ford Rover
Dear Kev
It would be better if you traced back the wiring and worked out what each component did and repaired any wiring problems from first principles. As Fred says, everyone is different so odds on C.C.C. wiring diagrams probably do not apply unless you are lucky like the Nobleman. I had to rewire mine completely from scratch because the original wiring was so bad. Nice to here from you Nobleman I hope you are suitably relaxed.
13th February 2007
Dear Kev,
Have you sorted out your wiring for the horn ? I have a wiring diagram which I can photo-stat and let you have if that's any use to you.Over the years I've had electrical problems and the garage has always fixed them. All the best Nobleman
PS Regards to ED.
6th February 2007
Fred Polok
If you are having trouble with the operation of the horn it would be advisable to try and trace the wiring from the switch to the horn, through any fuses/ relays that there might be and fix things from first priciples.
It has to be remembered that there is no single method for the wiring of the horns (or anything else for that matter) on a Challenger as whoever built it in the first place would use their own preferred method and site things accordingly.
6th February 2007
2nd February 2007
Ed F. Rover
Dear Captain number two, as opposed to Kevin, if you had read my post from last fact ..’The Last Post’ you would have noticed that I meant a Spax lock washer. As ‘Challenger’ men we need to show a good example.
16th January 2007
Jeff C-D
Made you one what - a Wildcat? That certainly was a result! Cheers and Happy New Year!
15th January 2007
Ed F. Rover
I have had a result with my Spax shockers problems. I have made friends with Alan Hart the Magazine editor of The ‘Wildcat Owners’ via the internet and he kindly made me one. It is now installed and the car looks good and even. Thanks Alan, this is what life in the E-type world should be all about. Thank you Alan.
11th January 2007

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