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Derek Robinson
The ebay item is very interesting as the panels shown are from the very first set of moulds which were only used for the first 5 cars. I should know I paid for the moulds. These were clearly made without my knowledge and permission. Very interesting! 28th November 2011
Keith Palmer
Looks like this could be a sart of new bodyshells becoming available . e bay Item number: 160660578375
10th October 2011
Richard Shaw
Any Challenger going to Goodwood Revival (other than me)?
8th September 2011
Richard Shaw
Adrian SC parts list a fuel flap for the etype,not f/g but should fit
8th September 2011
Adrian Plumb
Hi Challenger folk, can anyone help me? I need a new fuel filler flap for my Challenger, mine came adrift somewhere along the Indian Ocean Road in Western Australia, I can easily arrange for payment and delivery to either a UK address for forwarding or direct to me in Aus. Many Thanks Adrian Plumb 5th September 2011
Bill, do you know who is doing it. My last info was they were beyond repair
19th August 2011
bill the moulds have been located and are currently being refurbished in scunthorpe
7th August 2011
Alaric Perry
How much, and where can I find one. 23rd July 2011
Michael benjamin
very interesting ... I am a fairly typical jaguar enthusiast... have always driven them since age 17 and run a 1993 XJ40 to poodle about and a 1993 XJS facelift V12 6 litre for abroad and UK weekends. I have never been much attracted to the E type but the idea of a rust free one is especially attractive ... I wonder if there is one out there with a V12 and I need tolookm into the prices of them with all jag parts and engine 26th March 2011
Ters van Wyk
Can you please help me to find the Challenger's moulds to manufacture my own Kit E-type in South Africa? 17th March 2011
Terry Noble
Hi Gary - read with interest your request for an E type replica but I doubt whether one matching your specification exists. 30th January 2011
Hi, I am looking to buy a series 1 E type replica. It must be in excellent condition and have an engine that is less than ten years old. I have owned several original E types but I am willing to give up original equipment for reliability. 20th January 2011
Bill Fleming
If the molds resurface, I'd be interested in a rear section pull for a repair
11th January 2010

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