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Peter Hurrell
I am not quite sure whether or not to fit hockey sticks. If you have a close up photo of yours, I would be very grateful if you would E-mail. Many thanks. - no hockey sticks on mine - webmaster
29th December 2005
Peter Hurrell
Firstly, thank you to Ed for your very nice E-mail and glad you enjoyed the photos of my "Bluebell" but stop using phrases like "crummy" for your car, after all, more than £28,000 has been lavished on my car to make it a show winner. Whether you have paid just a few thousand for a Ford/Rover model, or £28K for a Jaguar based car makes no difference, at the end of the day it's your pride and joy, which is giving you much pleasure, and thanks from all of us for your very witty and entertaining write-up in the Christmas edition of "Challenge" magazine. Keep up the good work, we need more people like yourself, with a sense of fun, there are far too many rude, sarcastic, and sour folk around.......which brings us to Mr.Brian Gooding. What planet are you on Mr.Gooding?Embarrassment, People twigging it's a car is not a's a GENUINE Challenger E-Type. The "Eagle E-Type" which Jeremy Clarkson proclaimed his supercar of the year outdoing Ferrari's and the like, has totally different chassis, suspension, braking system, electricals, and interior design bespoke to each individual's tastes(sounds a bit like the Challenger) the only thing it has in common with the original,is that wonderful iconic E-Type shape. At £120,000, I wonder if poor Jeremy went very red in the face when people discovered that he had been driving a FAKE! Check out the COC's website Mr.Gooding, and you will see 5 beautiful E-Types with a very large banner proudly proclaiming CHALLENGER. When I exhibit my car at shows during the summer, it carries with it a write-up on the Challenger, an explaination on the car, and its history.An original Series 1 Roadster (the only one to have) with matching numbers, was up for sale recently in a mag for £59,950. When I am at shows and I hear people say, "If only I could win the lottery" I get great pleasure seeing their faces light up when I tell them, "You don't need £50K or £120K, if you\'re lucky, you could see one like mine up for sale for just a mere£20K. I have been at shows where up to 12 originals have been on display, mainly coupes, in various stages of decline, and my only embarrassment has been the amount of people crowding around my car with their digitals and camcorders working overtime whilst the wives were posing, and the owners of the originals were sitting by their vehicles looking rather lonely. At an open EYTCC classic car meeting on the 18th.Sept, and alongside saloons and many sports cars which included, Morgans, Big Healeys, many M.G.'s ranging from a glorious 1947 MG.TC through to more modern MGRV8's my "Bluebell" not only took First in class, but was awarded "Car of the Show." What a very embarrassing car to own!
So Mr.Gooding, you think you can go out and buy a decent Series 1 Roadster for £25K ? If that's all you can afford then all I can say is, good luck, and find yourself a friendly bank manager, willing to lend you £40K in two years time for restorations, then you may have a show winning car like mine. E-Mail me Mr.Gooding and I will let you see what a stunning interior and engine bay look like, which owners of originals enjoy looking at, and photographing. Don't be shy, I wont be rude and sarcastic, after all, it wouldn't do for there to be two of us, would it? I will retire in 4 years time, and by that time will need a more comfortable fat-cat cruiser, which will probably be one of the new geration Jaguar XK8 (Very nice) You can then make me an offer Mr.Gooding of around £25,000, if you would like to own a highly desirable, and superb vehicle which goes by the name of CHALLENGER......will say it once gain...CHALLENGER.............Well, Well, not the faintest sign of a blush, and don't feel at all embarrassed. I can promise you no cracking fibreglass, nor will there be any rust bubbling up from underneath, but then again, I think I would have to decline your offer, I want my car to go to someone who enjoys a lot of attention by owning a gorgeous piece of machinery which goes by the name of CHALLENGER. Happy motoring to all Challenger enthusiast's in 2006, and as it's the season of goodwill, too Mr.Gooding.
27th December 2005
Terry Noble
Hi Webmaster
Please allow me a few words in response to Mr. Gooding. A weel known personality in the Jaguar Driver\'s Club who owns and runs both an original and Challenger E types of which the latter has a) better lights, b) better brakes, c) is lighter in weight overall and best of all d) no boby rot now or in 12 years time form that not even a certificate can prevent from happening. As you know JG an aged E type not properly maintained bodily is the proverbial rot bucket. Furthermore I have never seen any crazing or cracking of the body on any Challenger and as far as being embarrassed - Why ? when you have something better than the original. Over to you JG. Many thanks Terry Noble
22nd December 2005
Thanks to Peter for some smashing pictures of a fabulous car.....puts mine to shame Wah!!!!
22nd December 2005
Dear Brian
If I wanted a genuine E-Type I would have bought one. You enjoy yours if you have one and I will enjoy mine
21st December 2005
brian gooding for twenty thousand, just add another five grand and you can buy a real e type with a heritage shell and certificate, and you will own a real e type with a narrow consul and wider footwell and no cracking fibre glass and will save embarassment when people twig its not a real etype. - what embarrassment - what cracking fibreglass - webmaster
20th December 2005
Simon Connolly
Peter, I would like some photos of your Challenger,Since I have owned my car(BRG car, built by Mr J Dent, pictures on this website), several people have thought my Challenger was an original E Type, when you tell them it is a replica, they assumed it is an Eagle E Type. 19th December 2005
Peter Can you please send me a few pics with one of the inside if poss. I still have dial up so please no mega-mega byte pics.
Dan... You are set now. Get yourself a baseball cap and some shades eat less KFC and away you go Keep us posted on the crumpet situation..My insurance for a V8 version of yours is £140. Is your engine from a Granada?
Happy Chrimbo to all in Challenger Land
19th December 2005
Peter Hurrell
Hi Terry, I am E-mailing you lots of photos of my "Bluebell" Anyone else who would like photos for their album are welcome. After 5 years of owning a beautiful Challenger I have just joined the COC this week, so you see I am no longer the 5th. The Challenger is a great car and a worthy replica of a great British icon. Hope to meet up with you and other members in the summer.
19th December 2005
Sorry I am getting a bit confused the emial is I am not really in the computing age and all this is new to me. Where can I get spares from I assume there isnt a Challenger shop thanks Dan
19th December 2005
Dan V.V.
Have bought my challenger. Wow it is magic, frightening to drive so different to my old Metro. I can reach the pedals ok but a bit of a squeeze in the seats and luckily it has a small steering wheel. The footwell is very narrow is this normal? Sorry about email have changed it for one that works. Can anyone send me picutes of their dash as mine is a bit home made loking. Dan
19th December 2005
Terry Noble
jagpanman@aol .com
Hi Peter in Yorkshire. I was up there only last weekend in Harrogate. Go up quite often to see my pals in the PCC (Panther Car Club) - however your offer of a photo of your Challenger. I would like to take you up on it as I collect Challenger photos and have quite a number of them. It does not matter you are not a COC member but it would be great if you were. I know of 4 Challengers whose owners are not members. You are the 5th.. I will email you my private address and perhaps you can send me a photo. Cheers and all the best for '06 after having had a Merry Xmas. Terry .
18th December 2005
I have just spent four days trying to fit a heater in my Challenger. I have nowhere to fit the Spitfire box that is below the header tank so before I give up completely anybody give me any ideas? I know where it is normally placed in both Jag and F/R versions. Dan, you will find that women love the car..attracts far more attention than any Ferrari. Trouble is you can only get one in at a time. Being only five foot odd is advantageous as not only will women want to cuddle you but you will fit in the car nicely as legroom for tall people is very limited. Buy it and join us...we are a bunch of priviledged car owners and I am sure your celibacy will come to a swift end.
18th December 2005
Peter Hurrell
Challenger enthusiasts, would you like some photos for your album of my show winning car? 4.2 Jaguar based, in opalescent blue, stunning engine bay and interior layout, has been mistaken twice at shows for a £100,000 "Eagle E-Type" Have photos taken in "Heartbeat" country on the beautiful Yorkshire moors. Are there any Challenger owners living in Yorkshire? E-mail for pics and please state if on Broadband. 18th December 2005
Dan Von Vliet
I have the chance of buying a Challenger E-type for a good price. It is an early version made in 1986 with a 3l Essex engine. It has an MoT but wanders in a zig zag sort of way..wishbone bushes? Do you think it will make me more interesting to the ladies? I am not very good looking and wonder if a car like this will help my chances. Will I be able to fit in? I am 5ft 4ins and weigh 112 kg. I am 59 years old. Is this too old for a car like this? Are there many Challengers left? Thanks Dan - this could be a spoof, as the email address isn't valid, but I like the sentiment! - webmaster
16th December 2005
Webmaster If you want to discuss the Challenger Owners' Club please do so on the COC Web site. No further entries on this topic will be posted here.
This site has no connection with the COC.
14th December 2005
  Entry deleted 14th December 2005
Richard Shaw
Interested to see the petrol cap type as mine has been broken since I got the car.The typestated though is very model specific, surely all Allegro caps would be the same.Can you fit e type sun visors? anyone got the brackets to sell? Really sorry I couldn't get to the N.E.C. this year to see the display.I too would like to fit a glove box lid and interested to see if anyone knows how 11th December 2005
Tim Waters
I am looking at the practicalities of getting a Challenger in about 2 yrs time. I have just sold a 1965 FHC E type thanks to arrival of son plus associated bills. I am now looking for Jag related fun on a "sensible dad" budget AND am quite keen to get my hands dirty. Are there any/many part built jag-based kits or ones in need of tidying up out there? What should I budget? Yours, with a depressing space in the garage and saving already. 5th December 2005
Ed F. Rover
Ta for the invite but I have a Ford/Rover Challenger and thus am not allowed to participate in the hill climb.
I am realy a poser in my Challenger not a whizzer. Seriously I wish I had stayed to watch last time Captain Kevin told me I had missed a good time.
1st December 2005
Terry Noble To Simon, Ed and Kevin - thanks for all the flattering remarks and comments. Ed if you go into this website gallery and the year 2003 you will find two or three photos of me on the Prescott climb taken in 2002. It really is a good day out. You should try it. All the best 27th November 2005
I am looking for a replacement locking vented petrol filler cap,as my ugly black plastic thingy has broken ,I want to replace with a shiney chrome type but all the caps I have looked at do not fit my fuel tank spout ,any clues on what car models to look out for.
Many Thanks Simon - the fuel cap of the allegro vandaplas mk2 1300 fits fine. John.
Thanks John,for the petrol cap info. Simon
26th November 2005
kevin I was not scared! just a little dubious of going so fast in a plastic kit car! full marks to terry,for letting me injoy is very good driveing skills.10/10
25th November 2005
Ed F. Rover
It would be good to put the clip on the club site..I cannot believe that Captain Kevin would be scared of anything.
25th November 2005
Mr S C Connolly
Terry,Have you received the dvd that I sent you containing the hillclimbing clip, of you driving your Challenger E type and Kevin looking very scared?
25th November 2005
I bought 2 hockey sticks from Ebay and fitted them easily but I was lucky.
The problem is tucking the edge into the rubber of the screen like the real one.. most don’t bother. Real E-types are dimensionally consistant but Challengers are not …all of us therefore have different problems. Some can’t fit the hockey stick into the chrome thing at the top, others put a screw into the foot to hold it down. Join the club and have a look at what others have done.
Try fitting the chrome trim on the top of the doors if you want a real puzzle. - ED THANKS FOR THAT INFO ON THE J STICKS. JOHN
24th November 2005
24th November 2005
ronald orion
info and prices please 24th November 2005
Terry Noble C. O. C.
John - reference your request for pricing of A1 condition Challengers like the ones at the NEC show. As with the pricing of all classic cars it is sometimes difficult to be precise. However at the end of the day anything is only worth what someone is prepared to pay. Having said that an indication for cars of that calibre you are talking of prices in excess of at least £17,500. I know, at least I think I know, you would not be able to buy Lesley's (the BRG one) , if it were for sale for less than £20,000 plus. Also if mine were on the market I would want at least £18,500 for it. I hope that has answered in some small your question.
PS I have seen original 'E' sell for £8000 at auction but they have been in very poor condition and would need £20 to £30K spending on them
21st November 2005
John what is the price of a top class jaguar challenger these days like them on the stands at the nec? 21st November 2005
Alan Strawbridge
Check the owners club website - there are 5 for sale there:
Cheers Alan
18th November 2005
Hi,can anyone help in connecting me with a Challenger for sale or a swap/deal with one of my cars[356 Speedster,Sterling 827].Kind regards & thanks.
15th November 2005
keith any truth behind the rumour that challengers will be started to be produce again by lynx cars, heard a guy at the show saying this and okayed by jaguar. any other info on this!
14th November 2005
Simon I went to the N.E.C. last weekend very good Challenger display,good to see all the top brass of the club
12th November 2005
Jeff C-D
WHY NO LINK ON THIS WEBSITE TO THE CHALLENGER OWNERS' CLUB? For anyone interested (and all visitors should be!)it can be can be found at
10th November 2005
Jeff Carlisle-Dodd
The Classic Car Show at NEC last weekend was a splendid event where the Challenger Owners\' Club once again were priviledged to be invited, and had five superb examples of the marque displayed on their stand. It was good to meet and chat with the owners, but disappointing that more COC members didn\'t manage to drop by. The COC was commended for the quality of their display, and plans are being discussed for next years event. Watch this space - or better yet, join the club! (You don\'t have to own a Challenger to do that). Hope to see you all at the 2006 show...
10th November 2005
Terry Noble Hi Webmaster, Just a few words about the NEC Classic Car Show. We had a very pleasing time at the show, on the stand. We were located directly opposite the JEC stand, adjacent to the JDHT one and the Jaguar XK & E type club were to be located next door to us but they did not turn up. The JDC was adjacent to the JDHT stand and therefore there was a feast of Jaguar cars for all to view. It was a very good turnout in Hall 5 and seemed to be appreciated by all concerned with this great marque. Many thanks to all the members who manned the stand for the three days and and of course not forgetting the sterling work carried out by the wives present. We had lots of enquiries and questions to field about the cars from all corners and most were answered with knowledge and accuracy being foremost in the mind of the person doing the answering. A good show and we look forward to next years which is reverting back to the end of October
Cheers everyone - Terry Noble (Stand organiser)
8th November 2005
As the price of a reasonable Ford/Rover and a Jag based Challenger needing some work are similar it would be far more cost effective if you sell the Ford/Rover and buy a Jag based one (see the club\'s for sale page). Removing the flared arches and making the Capri axle narrower has been done but this involves a huge amount of work and money.As for using words like "real" and "proper" all Challengers are kitcar replicas..Ford or Jag based. The only real E-type is made by Jaguar and cost £30k or so.
As for info on the fitting of handles and lights etc..the best course of action is to join the club where someone somewhere has already done anything you can think of and would be more than willing to help. I own a rather splendid Ford/Rover Challenger and I like my flared arches!
7th November 2005
are rear wing conversion kits available for ford/rover challengers to convert to real e type specs? and what engine mods are required to convert engine bay to fit jaguar engine from ford/roverspec?.what year did triple c stop making ford/rover and start making proper e type replicas. - the Jaguar based design came in 1988. I doubt that it is possible to convert a Ford/Rover based car to Jaguar - the chassis were completely different - webmaster
3rd November 2005
is it worth fitting electronic ignition to the jag engine or are points still ok. and what hockey j sticks are the ones to order for the front window. - points are OK - Lumenition ignition is OK - webmaster
2nd November 2005
kevin Hi,i see Ed as taken over the challenger mag this time round.i think he should run the magazine!ps how many birds as he got! - Rod has aready tried to persuade me do the mag but I just have not got any free time to do it any justice. As for the women, it's the bloody car they can't keep away. Ed F. Rover 1st November 2005

Not sure what "old spec" and "new spec" are. The Challenger evolved from a Ford/Rover, wide track, to an all Jag correct e-type dimensions kit over its life. The bodywork doesn't crack unless you treat it badly. XJ6 engines can run on unleaded without modification. 3 SU carbs will probably give you around 250bhp, 0-60 in less than 5 seconds - depends what other tuning you have - webmaster.

1st November 2005
Simon Connolly I look forward to meeting all you Challenger men and women on Saturday at the N.E.C. PS Why have you all stopped using this this forum?
31st October 2005
Rod Dalton
have a complete Challenger pedal box with pedals and Jaguar XJ6 brake servo. I'm open to offers if anybody wants it.
23rd October 2005
Webmaster Visitors' book fixed now! 17th October 2005
KEVINM927 hi web master i hope that the challenger men have not deserted this great world wide site. as this info on this site is priceless to the challenger fellowship! 17th October 2005
Terry Noble
Hi Webmaster,just a brief note to tell everyone out there that the Challenger Owners club have got a stand at the NEC classic car show in November. This is the second year that we will be there and again we are exhibiting 5 cars. All are welcome to come and see, inspect, ask questions about these fabulous cars. Cheers.Contact me for any further information you may require. 22nd August 2005
Kevin, i have an auto box you can have, i believe it to be OK but as it's free I'm not guarenteeing it. There is a chassis mod which Mike Tomlin and Terry Noble have done which allows the gearbox to be removed without the engine. There also a couple of Toyota gearboxes which can be made to fit too.
19th August 2005
Charles Stemp
Where can I obtain a model of a Mk1 Jaguar?
14th August 2005
  Entry deleted 5th August 2005
chris laffey
car wanted
25th July 2005
Ed We had an excellent Challenger meet at Brooklands Museum last weekend at which twelve cars attended including two Ford/Rovers and a wonderful Ford/Ford The following day was Uxbridge Auto show which was also very good.
24th July 2005
Hi,can any body help!iam changeing my manual box to autobox on my jag based challenger.have any of you guys got a auto box to swop with my moss box with overdrive!or does anybody have info on this subject. - anyone converting from manual to automatic definitely need help! Seriously - I didn't think the Moss box could be fitted - it's a different length to the auto box, and as far as I can remember only the XJ manual box with the special shortened overdrive unit could be fitted without modification. So if yours really has a Moss box, your prop shaft is the wrong length and the rear mounting point is in the wrong place to fit a Borg Warner 65 auto box. If you do have an XJ box, the the auto box should drop in (although you probably need to fit the box to the engine out of the car) - webmaster
23rd July 2005
Ed We had a Southern Challenger meet at Brooklands museum on Saturday..fabulous day with twelve super cars including two Ford/Rovers and a Ford/Ford..Kevin wore a panama hat..I want one 19 July 2005
david in florida
hi everyone, i just purchased one of the only two challengers i know of in the u.s. and have some questions for owners of the challenger. i wish that there has a forums for challengers. if anyone is interested in helping me with my questions, please email me, i would love to hear from you. thanks
9th July 2005
bob Jones
is there a e type kit car for sale anywhere? 2nd July 2005
Graham Parker
Great site - very informative for a potential challenger owner. Would welcome any news on car for sale with "non" flared rear arches. Thanks
22nd June 2005
stuart ford
I still have some stainless meche grill for the bonnet cowl should that interest anyone
20th June 2005
Ed Yes the A.G.M. was great fun, great hotel and company..I don't think it was my head that my uncomfortable seats affected. Nine Challengers attracted many admiring looks in the carpark.
14th June 2005
Kevin Just had a great weekend at the AGM. Was great to see all the top brass again! Shame Ed had a headache, must be down to his hard seats in his Challenger! 12th June 2005
Ed Jon I have seen the listing on Ebay. It seems a bit of a monster, a foot wider and 18 inches longer than a Challenger. Maybe someone knows what it was. It was registered incorrectly too.
6th June 2005
Jon Robinson
Hi there - have you seen the e-type kit on ebay. The owner does not seem to know what it is but could it be a real live challenger?
3rd June 2005
john abbey
Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to fit headrests to the setas provided by Triple C. I've seen several challengers with headrest fitted but they all seem to have different seats to the ones in mine. Any help appreciated via my email.
9th May 2005
Ed.. I might change it to Ford Rover esq I have read through the last few years’ postings and have noticed that there is a certain tendency to look at us Ford/Rover chaps with a certain air of disdain. This came to a head with a rather pompous message a couple of years ago. I would like to champion the Ford/Rover cause. If you have a Ford/Rover Challenger join the Challenger Owners club (if you have not already done so) and meet me at the A.G.M. Let all know that we are proud of our flared arches and our more modern, muscular looks. I sit there on my own listening to stories told around a metaphorical camp fire of straight sixes, triple S.U.s, gearboxes covered in Moss, back brakes you cannot reach and 15inch wheels. I feel so lonely!!! Many thanks to my friend Kevin for those kind remarks especially as he looked at my car before I bought it and rejected it because it needed far too much work..he is not as daft as me. Kevin’s own Challenger is a gleaming combination of metallic aubergine and chrome and is always worth a second look for the ‘supercar’ that it is (even though it is Jaguar based). - this topic is now closed. See previous note in 2003. Also note that this site has no connection with the Challenger Owners' Club - webmaster 3rd May 2005
kevin i must say that Ed as made a cracking job of the ford/rover challenger! as the last time i saw it, it was atotal basket case!nice to see a challenger come back to life.well done Ed 3rd May 2005
Ed I was at Stoneleigh today..A great show, bought a few things. The first big outing for my Ford/Rover a jewel amongst the Jaguar based Challengers even if I say so myself. Nice to meet Kevin again. 33 m.p.g. from 3.5l V8... not bad eh?
2nd May 2005
kevin marshall hi, webmaster just returned from a great show at stoneleigh,wot a shame we did not see a lot of challenger members, 8 in total. and two members sold there challengers for silly money! oh wot a club! 1st May 2005
stuart ford
A big 'thank you' to Kevin Marchall for the 1991 kit car mag relative to the JPR wilcats, received today (by my mother in law - she promises to bring it to France in May) 18th April 2005
is anyone making anything similar to the challenger? 16th April 2005
stuart ford
Ed, thanks for your nice reply, it is nice to see what a nice bunch you are at Challenger. Another of your members - Kevin has also mailed to me and offered me a back dated magazine covering the Wildcat version. He also sent me some pictures of a lovely looking Challenger (I have to admit that it does look so real!!!!). When I've finished some bits on my car I'll send you some photos too; Anybody else interested in carbon bumpers or real stainless meche grille for the bonnet opening??????
15th April 2005
Ed Stuart There is nothing wrong with the Wildcat.I nearly bought one but all the ones I looked at were either horrible or horrible and what did I do I bought a Ford/Rover Challenger which was really horrible and even more expensive. I have seen some really nice Wildcats at the shows. I have plastic bumpers because the Jag ones cost a fortune. I have basket wire wheels but the car looks fantastic (see the gallery) as no doubt does yours. All our cars are kit cars and we get enormous amounts of pleasure from them. Without having to pay £30..40 grand.
13th April 2005
Stuart Ford
Please dont be too harsh towards the jpr wildcat, mine has a v6 essex ford 150hp and a mixture of walnut and carbonfibre dashboard and centre console. There is no leatherette only real leather. I have real jag knock offs and carbon fibre (not plastic) bumpers. The wildcat is effectively a variation on the etype more than a copy as other companies try to do. This is a thoroughly affordable fun replica and I love it (by the way its not for sale!!) I also love the challenger but for different reasons
10th April 2005
peter scholey
Challenger for sale, jag bits Tel. 01208813008
5th April 2005
Stuart Beveridge
What a wonderful idea to build a replica of the super E Type Jaguar. Its probably the only way to get such a wonderful relatively "new" car as Jaguar even with their latest Jaguar ALC are not hitting the spot and the car in spite of hi tech is not a patch on an E Type! I drove new demo E Types 12 Cylinders in Germany in 1971 and they really were the Bees Knees even then 34 years ago!!!! Anyone got a good Challenger replica for sale?
8th March 2005
Nick Dexter
My Jag-based Challenger (owned since last October) is a bugger of a starter. I now realise that is has no choke (ie an automatic one - I could spot no manual one!). Do we just live without one? And it'll start better in the summer. Or are there some tips - ie how to fit one. Cutting a long story short, my combination of XJ6 Series 1 engine, triple carbs, and inlet manifold (looks like it is an E-type or a 420) means there no space to fit an automatic XJ one, and I'm told finding the bits and pieces for the manual e-type one will be more diifuclt than finding chicken's teeth.
17th February 2005
John Abbey
Hello, I'm looking for dashboard top for a challenger can anyone help please.
15th February 2005
Ed My Ford/Rover Challenger is now taxed and MoT'ed and ready to go...I am looking forward to joining Kevin in posing with the roof off. 15th February 2005
Gerald Duncan
I want to buy a jag based challenger, pref a good one but will consider unfinished. Have joined COC & Tony is amazingly helpful. If you have one you may want to sell, and Tony doesn't know of it, please contact me.
11th February 2005
I am looking for a hard top for a series 2 roadster - any advice on where to find one would be much appreciated - Grant,there is a hardtop for sale on e-bay. simon connolly 7th February 2005
Ian Parsons
I am looking for a project car or even the original moulds if anyone knows of their existence. Any help would be greatly appreciated
28th January 2005
Hazel Tweedale
Challenger for sale, located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. BRG, auto, disc wheels, Jag based.
27th January 2005
Colin,there is a brand new fibreglass bonnet on e-bay starting at £250(no bids as of yet)

21st January 2005
Looking to buy a challenger e type. Any offers please send them to
20th January 2005
simon connolly
Colin,There is a complete metal bonnet in no 3136 16th January 2005
Simon... glad you are pleased.. let's see some pictures
10th January 2005
simon connolly Today,I have bought a brillant brg challenger,I would like to thank Kevin, Tony,Terry,Nigel,Ed,Roger, and Mike for helping me in my search for one of those great cars. 9th January 2005
colin davies
new challenger owner, just looking for help & advise. has anybody ever fitted tha aluminium bonnet?
8th January 2005
8th January 2005
irving watson
I am thinking of selling my challenger.It took me 12 months to find the right one.It will not be cheap,but the best never are. I live near the Dartford tunnel on the M25.My phone no= 01708 867802 or 07778830731
6th January 2005

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