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Trevor Lewis
wow 4 years since I last looked at this website. I'm interested to hear that the moulds arestill in existence. As the person who made the moulds I'd be happy to offer assistance to anyone thinking of producing the car again. 2nd December 2010
Tony Rattray
I Have only ever seen one of these cars in the flesh and was really impressed with the overall attention to the original car. I happen to have a Getrag 265 5 gearbox in my possesion that I was holding on to as I had been looking for one of these cars to put the 5 speed into as the one that I have seen only had a 4 speed. The gearbox that I have is from a BMW 735i that I broke some years ago. Due to financial situation I will now not move on to this project, and will now regretfully sell the gearbox to someone who can use it for a simmilar use. If anyone is interested it is complete with shifter and slave cylinder. I would accept something in the region of £300.00 for it which is a good price for a very sought after gearbox. Phone: 07841923919
26th November 2010
Matt Hunt
The rumors of the Triple C Challenger being re-launched were around at the NEC Classic Motor Show. Does anyone have further info to add to Giles post
21st November 2010
michael hayes
would it be possible to fit an x 300 supercharged xjr straight 6 engine into a challenger bay hummm i need a test pilot, got neil armstrongs number
20th November 2010
mark Dahlen
Jag enthusiast, lo funds, very interested in challengers. Thanks
13th November 2010
Terry Noble
Giles Can you tell us more re your posting of the 26th June. It sounds very interesting. Thanks Terry Noble
18th September 2010
Richard Dulieu
Hi, I built one of these cars and wondered if anyone knows its whereabouts? Reg MEY519H in green - Hi - Richard - your old car was in Northampton a couple of years ago. The owner is not in the COC. Terry Noble 7th August 2010
giles the mould tools are located in scunthorpe and are currently being reburbished ready for a relaunch when the ecomonic conditions are more faverable by a company called lynx challenger. 25th June 2010
Ganesha Could you tell me What happened to the molds and tooling of the Triple C company? Are there plans to restart production? 15th June 2010
eddy any truth in the rumour that the challenger owners club has folded 5th June 2010
I have a set of reproduction dunlop racing wheels for sale, i hope these can help someone 2nd June 2010
Terry Noble
In reply to SBS - there are so many events, these days, that we are invited to attend that as a club we have to be rather selective to the ones we chose to attend. As Simon quoted it s always the same members who do the organising. We are not doing Silverstone this year for example but you will always find us at Newark and the NEC. The members are spread nationwide and try to attend events. Does that answer your comments on our non attendance at Stoneleigh. 30th May 2010
Simon, From the tone of your posting I think that you've misread my intention. I love to see the cars - it was not meant as a criticism! Only disapointment! Who is Kevin? Kevin is a former challenger owner ,go into archive and read his posts - Simon
16th May 2010
Re last post ,you say you were disappointed not to see stand,well why don't you get involved and help organize. It is always let to the same people. Are you kevin in disguise 16th May 2010
I was extremely disappointed not to see any Challengers at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show. I thought that at least the Owners' Club would have a stand there. Changed days indeed! In years gone by the numbers attending could be into double figures over the two days. 12th May 2010
Pete (Cheshire)
Hi,I have been looking out for a challenger to purchase, missed out at the NEC as the one i would have bought would have been the cream ccc with the green top but it had just sold to some lucky person 1 hr before.
28th April 2010
Guy Come on chaps its the e types 50th next year lets get the site going 11th April 2010
Carmen Perissinotto
hello, I  WISH TO  KNOW  ROADSTER  E  TYPE  1 series  COSTS
I'M  IN  NEED  OF  BODY SHELL  ( TUB  )  ONLY, for the time beeing,
 I  give  thanks  for  ANY  QUICK  ANSWER 
14th February 2010
martin Lovell
Looking to buy a challenger with Jag running gear.any condition considered from kit to concourse 18th January 2010


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