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Jim Bute
  12th December 2002
Roderick Meek Many thanks for maintaining an excellenet forum for Challenger owners and other interested parties. I am sad to say that I have managed to sell my car but am delighted to report that it has gone to an enthusiastic new owner who, hopefully will get as much enjoyment from the car as I have had over the last ten years of ownership. Your website generated substantial interest for my car and ultimately produced a buyer. One thing however did become clear in my discussion with interested parties is the general lack of appreciation of these cars. My general feeling it that a lot of enquirers honestly thought that they could acquire a Challenger for a bargain basement kit car price. I can only regard them as foolish or opportunistic to assume that they could buy a fully functioning high performance sports car with classic looks, Jaguar engineering and modern reliablilty for less than £10,000. Just because it has the "tag" replica after it does not necessarily mean inferior. Make no mistake the Challenger is a serious alternative to a Cobra, Healey or Original E Type and is in my opinion, having some experience, a superior car. A wellbuilt Challenger will reward its owner with exclusivety, comfort and exhilarating performance. Treat these cars with some respect after all they are not plywood and fibreglas bolted to a wheel barrow chassis with a Ford engine. You will get what you pay for. But for an expanding family and mortage Ii would not have sold my car, in spite of no longer being an owner I will continue to check out this site and the new Challenger Owners Club site. Thanks again. 27th November 2002
Kris Piwek (Leicestershire)

For sale - Challenger-flared wheel arches- Mettalic paint
(email corrected!)

26th November 2002
Peter Barratt
Interested in buying complete car or kit
2nd November 2002
James I am being taught maths by the legend that started this all of. Who would have thought that Mr Robinson would be responsible for all this. Wow!
17th October 2002
David Brown Are there any e type kits available currently? If so do you have contact details? Try - webmaster
15th October 2002
k Derek is now teaching again and teaches me A-level maths
15th October 2002
Derek Martlew Nice site - I am looking for a kit. I would like to make a lightweight replica for some light competition and road use. Anything considered - distance is no problem. Derek - 01704 510060
14th October 2002
Steve Trodd With delight I found your web site. I have just bought a Challenger and I am looking forward to finding out more.
8th October 2002
Tony Kimber
Please note that the newly reformed Challenger Owners Club now has a web site at The new site is still under construction and we intend that it should run along side and be complimentry to this excellent web site at westernweb.
7th October 2002
Piet Good site 5th October 2002
paul haltam Have held my breath for a month now,but have to ask the answer to the last post.What is very good?
1st October 2002
Qasim Saleem Thats very good 2nd September 2002
Trevor Powell
The information listed is mostly related to early sale literature.I need to know the front spring rating, as both of mine have broken! I understand Steven Green designed the suspension. Is there any way of making contact with either him or someone that would know the spring ratings. It won't be just the front ones, if mine was anything to go by! - webmaster 12th August 2002
Heiko Tilebein
Hi to all the interested People out there. I am looking for a Challenger Kit and I was so sorry to hear it was no longer build. Is there any chance to restart the production? I would pay 10.000 € to take part on the production. If anyone else is interested in this way, maybe we are able to get it working. Please contact me on
7th August 2002
Paul Borg I built a Challenger around 1986. I just wonder what happened to it. I sold it to Fords in Maidenhead registration no. Q635 WRX Old English White lovely car.
3rd August 2002
Steve Green
Hi, I was involved with the design and development of the Challenger during part of it's history and would be willing to help with any technical problems encountered.
30th July 2002
Rod Lawson
I am extremely interested in obtaining a challenger. If anyone does decide to build them again, please contact me. I live in Australia and would need to have it shipped. How many serious buyers will it take to make this a viable business opportunity for someone. Im sure we can arrange something by raising enough capital by way of deposits. Keep me in the loop.
30th July 2002
Bob Abrahams
I am looking to purchase a Challenger with a log book around 1969-71 which is registered as either Challenger Jaguar or Jaguar Triple C or similar
23rd July 2002
tom whyte
Anyone out there still got 'SOB',?
25th June 2002
Peter Edington
I took delivery of Challenger number 306 in late December 1991, which may be one of the last to come out of the factory in Scotland, unless anyone knows any different. The car is still only partly built and I am considering selling it. Any sensible offer considered. Please email for further information
17th June 2002
Bob Fewkes
I have been building a Challenger for some time now, but I am getting desperate for a hood frame.
Does anyone know where the hood frames were made when the car was in production.
16th June 2002
Paul Borg I was interested as I did buy one when you were in Cornwall, I built a white one and kept it for a couple of years then sold it to Ford's in Maidenhead I wonder where it ended, I am sure it is still going well. The Registration No Q635 WRX.
3rd June 2002
Paul Greenhalgh
In mid 1990 I visited the Corby factory with check book in hand after many calls and discussions drove a custommer car (Sorry Dereck) as a demonstrator(JAG...S the door latch was broken at the time and I wa duly hooked. I paid my deposit and looked forward to recieving my rolling chasis 6 Months latter. Unfortunatley I had to back out as the Construction Industry floundered and I was unable to forfill my part of the deal. At the time I was very impressed with the Factory abeit small, complete cars were stacked on the walls awaiting delivery. Im would still love oneeven though I have wife and kids which i didnt have when I was originaly interested. Give the interest of the site, Greg other and may be my self should be able to do some thing be it on a limmited basis. Moulds should not stop the show and if I remember correctley the chasis jig was based on a triumph herald. Gentlemen, it just needs enough people interested which there is, a good product which is irefutable, and some coviction and enthusiasm. Come on lets get to gether and talk!!! Suggested date 29/6/02 Amesbury Wiltshire. Give me a call if you are interested on 07801 1944 83 FX 01980 626 711
25th May 2002
Jack Somer A challenger (wildcat) is currently being offered at Bob's Classics in California for US$15900, a lot considering the current etype prices. Make no mistake - a Wildcat is NOT a Challenger! (Some would say) the Wildcat was never considered a true replica - webmaster
18th May 2002
David Wilkins
A real tragedy that this outstanding replica kit is no longer in production, especially now, as all the major manufacturers are going for a "retro" look. Please, someone, rescue this project and take an order from me for the first off the production line!
26th April 2002
Paul Haltam

I have a Challenger which I built with a friend in 1991.It has done 6000 miles from build. Anyone interested in buying, contact me by E mail for details.To avoid time wasters it will not leave me for less than £11000.
Coventry area. See Challenger Gallery Page

20th February 2002
Paul Beachem
Please send info to GLASBLASITIII ( the 3 III are cap iii)
7th February 2002
r probert
looking for an incomplete challenger
1st February 2002
I have been surprised by the number of emails I have received since contacting the site last. As none of the originators, for reasons best known to themselves, have bothered to answer e-mails or requests for info, then if the interest continues then I will take up the 'Challenge' no pun intended. Watch this space
31st January 2002
Ron Wright
The best looking replica kit ever.Have a picture of my wife sitting in a customers car at the Corby factory. Will try and enter it in the gallery.
30th January 2002
Looking for Challenger
24th January 2002
An anonymous visitor from USAirways Absolutely gorgeous! Both, the car and its occupant !
17th January 2002

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