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David Gowlett
I own the Briggs Cunningham lightweight E-type as featured in Which Kit May 1991
28th December 2001
chris tikellis

Where are your details relating to how you buy one of your replicas????

20th December 2001
John Gosling
I'm interested in an uncompleted "Challenger". 19th December 2001
Steven Jones
Great to find this web site. I have two Challenger kits, the first Jaguar prototype with race suspension etc and one of the last kits to come out of Scotland (incomplete). I would love to find a crashed Triple C to complete my late kit. I might consider selling my 90% complete prototype.
1st December 2001
Simon Hughes
I would be interested in buying a Challenger, I live in Blackpool. I have seen one near here(black, with Jag engine) but was unable to find the owner. Anyone know of one near here?

29th November 2001

Geoff Coley
My friend has just purchased Challenger chassis no.303,possibly the last made which was made in Scotland and delivered to scottish buyer. He has bought it uncompleted but with all the parts to complete and hopes to do so this 2002 at the latest.
hope this is of interest to all-car is now sited in Fakenham, Norfolk
28th November 2001
Andy Bennett
If anybody knows the whereabouts of the jigs and moulds, I would be interested in aquiring them. Alternatively if anyone has a part completed kit, I am willing to create some space in their garage! -see discussion below! - webmaster
23rd November 2001
Peter Randall
I would love to buy a unfinished challenger kit
Theodor Apostolidis
I will like to ask how I can have this car.I live in Greece and what he will cost to me to import.
16th November 2001
Richard M Stilfield
beautiful set of wheels!!
14th November 2001
James Gorzelak
Anyone know where I can get a stainless steel exhaust for a Ford V6 powered Challenger?
12th November 2001
James Gorzelak
Excellent site. As an owner of a series one Challenger, I found it very interesting. Running a kit is very different to any other car regarding spares, what fits where and info etc. ( try looking for a Haynes manual on a Challenger!!) any info to keeo them running and people talking about them & sharing knowledge throught sites such as this must be supported and encouraged.
12th November 2001
Hi Derek if you return to read this. Interested in recreating your dream again? Have contacts, sources and funds but lack the moulding skills. My e-mail is on here. Hope to hear from you. Greg
5th November 2001
Peter Bassett
Very interesting site - well done! I would be interested in acquiring an unfinished project if there is one available out there.
29th October 2001
Derek Robinson I was amazed to come across my brochure by accident!!. I have often wondered what happened to my cars - everyone felt like one of my family!!
Building the original Challengers was a dream come true - I wish I could turn the clock back and start again!
Would it be worth the effort?
Best wishes to Challenger owners everywhere!!
Now here's the man who knows more than anyone else about Challengers! - webmaster
Larry Coleing
24th October 2001
Greg Hail to thee oh webmaster...
I have an early flat floor 3.8 and a series three V12 but the former is a coupe (and resembles giant Airfix kit at present) and the latter a 2+2, so no roadster option, but I must admit I am tempted. Does anyone have the 'knowledge' on how to make a mould? I have and can still lay down the glass but the moulds represent something more technical and unless it involves, spanners, screwdrivers and pliers I reach for the 'phone a friend' option. So who knows how to make a mould? Help would be appreciated....
The Warrior considers removing centrally lagged armour in favour of overalls... (bit chilly this time of year...)
13th October 2001

Hi again,
It's sad news I bring to thee oh webmaster! I have this very day been to Timsbury Farm Workshop Units where Avon Coachworks, the last known owners of the moulds traded from. I spoke to the owner Mr Mike Young and his sister. This followed a tip off from another reader of this column. I have to tell you that some 5 years ago, a disgruntled individual (reason unknown) set fire to the unit housing Avon Coachworks. The resulting fire destroyed 9 units, and the fire was so intense that 5 fire units were required, and the heat melted the metal roof beams and, according to all spoken to, destroyed the moulds. "There was *$%^ all left" apart from bills due to owner Mr Young of some £12,000 and other debts. So.... well, it may just be that they did so perish or... were they spirited away? Oh well, the latter is a dream but unrealistic, as the bases were welded to the floor of the unit by the heat. I feel so sorry for the other businesses that were ruined as well as the loss of these moulds. The Warrior regrets to bring this news, however, despite having two E's of my own I have decided to try and resurrect the idea and to conclude... watch this space!!!
I know that Triple C used to regularly replace the moulds, so it is possible that the Avon moulds would have been too worn by now anyway. Why don't you make another set in the same way Triple C did - you have the original "sculpure"! - webmaster

11th October 2001
Hi webmaster,
Not in 'tin shed'. According to locals spoken to Avon Coachworks (?) are no longer. No one sure of their whereabouts, or where they were (so how did they know they had gone?). anyway the Quest for the Holy Moulds continues... The Warrior will find them... and will face all the horrors that may lay ahead...
Any info still appreciated...
3rd October 2001
Richard Golding
It was good to find this site by total accident and get plenty of informative information from it.
2nd October 2001
Richard Golding

Could anyone please give me an indication of the likely cost of a Challenger. I recognise that it obviously depends on condition, but ball park figures for poor (ground up tidying incl mechanicals, chrome & trim etc) average (cosmetic tidying) and excellent (ready to enjoy next summer) would be very useful. Thanks.
Complete car on a garage forecourt - around UK£14000 several years ago - webmaster

2nd October 2001

Hi again,
Not trying to monopolise the site but someone must know where these moulds are....
C'mon guys let's get it going.
My guess is they are still in the tin shed at Timsbury (Avon Coachworks) where they were 5 years ago! - webmaster

30th September 2001
Greg Further to my last entry, I note the considerable interest from others and would be interested in discussing the possibilities of a limited one make production car, or a variant thereof which conforms to current legislation. In the interim I hope that someone can direct me to the original moulds and their current owners. Thnaks guys... and who knows what may happen next!!!
8th September 2001
I would be interested in purchasing the moulds for the challenger and to re-establish it. I have tried to trace the current owners of the car but without luck. I would be grateful if anyone with relevant and accurate information would contact me on 07796847031. This is a serious request. Phone number corrected!
8th September 2001
Roderick Meek
Central Scotland area
Thanks for the interesting site. I have owned a Challenger for the last 9 years and have covered over 70K miles in it as my only everyday method of transport. It has been great fun with little real heartache over the years although I did re-build it after 6 months of ownership. An increasing family means that regretfully I will be selling my car next spring. This is a well built and reliable car with many of the original kit's faults ironed out all the details that really make it look great. If anyone is interested in contacting me for help on their project or more information on my car, please do.
6th August 2001
Patrick Thawley
Is it possible to get a kit anywhere?
30th July 2001
I built an early Rover powered Challenger Q95 GFX. Fantastic car and I would like it back as I sold it 6 or 7 years ago. It was red with black leather seats piped in red.Have you seen it? thanks.
8th July 2001
Phil Basinger
I have always felt that the e-type Jag was the most beautifulcar ever made. I would be interested in these kits, if they are still in production.
6th July 2001
Julien Le Bleu, Jr.
How can I contact you to get more information on the car? How much is it and where are you located?
3rd July 2001
Paul Mitchell
I worked at wings'n'things in st. boswells when triple c moved there. When our company folded a workmate, john scott, went to work for them. if you read this john please get in touch
20th June 2001
P. Trevett Quite a good site 5th June 2001
Ron Cline
Looking for a complete car or kit. Anyone know about the "Wildcat" xke kit. A poor imitation - no longer available, so far as I know - webmaster
18th May 2001
Mark Gregory
Lets hope the Challenger reappears again, informative web site that keeps the Challenger spirit alive.
17th May 2001
Mack Sells

I've had 2 E's. I was really surprised to see this web page. If I could find a Challenger kit & had the cash, I'de love to build it! On another note, they can be built 'lhd', right? Guess so! - webmaster
16th May 2001
Bill Mayer
Are any cars for sale?
2nd May 2001
HI everyone nice to see a site for challengers I've been building one for a few years now but still need some bits and pieces like a hood frame and hood can any body help.
25th April 2001
Peter Scholey
Just purchased one need a few bits & pieces. Any help would be well received
1st April 2001
Richard Mason
When I was a student at Plymouth Uni in 1984-87, I had your booklet. Now, 2001, I look like I will be in a position to afford it, and its no longer in production!!!! Please let me know where I can get the kit.
25th March 2001
How much would a unmade kit cost? 24th March 2001
Tracey Lippett Nice site - there doesn't seem to be much on Challengers on the web, so I was pleased to find this site. My Dad has a Challenger - red, like yours, but with a black interior. Gorgeous cars, and I'm blowed if I can tell them from a real one without crawling all over them first! 11th February 2001
Al Lutterman
Lut811 @ AOL.Com
A very interesting site. I have an 86 xj-6 and had a '71 before. Would be interested in any of the completed or partially completed cars in the southwest of USA.
18th January 2001 Does anyone know of other companies that make the E-Type kit car?
12th January 2001

mobile:- 07866 264116
home:- 01733 553737
(Peterborough, UK)

Immaculate condition, S3 4.2 engine, triple SUs, smooth cam covers, 4 speed MOD, E-type interior, hood, chromework and centre lock wire wheels. Offers?

5th January 2001
Dr. Rick Rader
Seems impressive, I would like further information, especially on left hand drive cars and whether other engine and transmissions would be adaptable for US applications
1st January 2001

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