Views and opinions from Challenger owners

Jim Trotter on the building of 007

I certainly had some reservations about the project even whilst travelling to sample the Challenger demonstrator. But, as it turned out I was very impressed with the company's approach and the professional way everything was presented. I saw chassis and bodies being made, felt the great enthusiasm of everybody involved and soon got caught up in the euphoria of it all. I also drove the demonstrator quite extensively; it behaved perfectly and could so easily have been a real E-type with a very similar feel apart from slightlylighter steering.
Anne Foster talks about 003
Top marks for your Challenger. It is everything that I had ever wanted in a car, ample power, excellent road holding, cheap and easily maintained Ford running gear with its proven reliability. Comfort plus economy and above all - NO RUST. It is a drive every day of the year car, come rain or shine. Few people know it from its master but this is no substitute, it is THE REAL THING.
Assembly proved very straightforward throughout, the whole thing going together more or less like a giant Meccano set. Even my 13 year old son was able to get very involved, handling many jobs without assistance - that surely says much for the kit's fine engineering. Summed-up, this particular Challenger is unquestionably an impressive example of kit car craftsmanship both from maker's and builder's angles. Jim is certainly more than happy with his efforts. With total costs reaching about £6,000, I'm more than happy with the project, especially as a top grade E-type can now fetch up to £30,000 - the sort of price that makes no sense to me, I give ten out of ten to the kit and its ease of assembly. In fact, I never really got stuck in, working only three short evenings per week plus Saturday mornings and all day Sundays. I reckon it could have been built in only two weeks if I'd spent all day, every day on it.

Lisa Rideout exposes all in 116
It's fairly obvious why I love my Challenger - topless motoring has never been so much fun.
John Greenwood's first drive in 024
Building the kit can not be rushed, getting the trim to fit perfectly took quite a long time, but when she was finished it had all been worthwhile. My Challenger looks magnificent, sounds superb and goes like a scalded cat. The car was finally finished and ready for testing. First call was at the filling station and then out on the open road. After a couple of miles driving I began to feel at home in the car and ready to try out her performance. The acceleration was unbelievable as was the road holding. The ride firm, as it should be, and the steering surgically precise. There were no rattles or creaks, she felt like a new car should. It is impossible to drive the car without being aware of the admiring glances from everyone who sees her, and, knowing that I had created such a beauty was mind blowing. The only way to experience this feeling is to build a Challenger for yourself but, be warned, your life will never be the same again.
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